Colour, Clarity & Confidence Coaching

Help! I am starting out and I am in overwhelm as to where to start!
Can you help? 

I hear you, there is so much out there and you need help finding your feet and taking the steps you need to take in the right direction.

This is exactly how I help my clients find their Colour Confidence Zone to navigate the steps required to build a business that works and attracts the right clients. 

Request a no-obligation 30 minute discovery call with me now! 

Susanna Reay

I offer a selection of personalised coaching packages that I will go through on our discovery call. 

Remember change takes time!

Results are most likely to occur when you are accountable to someone else and they can offer advice at the right points to move you forward. 90 days is the perfect time frame to invest in personal and business development as we can know what is happening in our schedules in that time frame. 

Personal Coaching

My 3 month personalised Colour & Business Development package is popular with business women who are facing overwhelm and need help to build their confidence and show-up more to promote their business in a colourful and fun way which connects to their audience. By the end of our time together you will have your business and personal colours defined for the growth. We meet 6 times online over our time together, where you receive tasks that are appropriate to you and your stage in business. 

Investment: $1500 (USD)  

  •  UK residents: £1150 + VAT

Colour Analysis Services

Vision Board Analysis

If you have created a vision board and would like help understanding the threads that are within it, I am offering limited spots for a  special 50% discount offer for my 30 minute mini-coaching session held in April and May to help you understand the energies you have gathered together. 

In this time I will be able to define the colours that you need to activate in your life to help these intentions manifest themselves faster. 

Investment: $99  (USD)


Initially I was really quite sceptical about my board and was amazed how Susanna brought it all together and provided an explanation for my choices.  She also touched on other things I hadn't thought about such as my working environment and how it can affect my performance. 

This was a lovely positive experience - both personally and professionally, thank you."


Picking Colours

New Business Colour Package 

If you would like me to define your business colours for you, then this is for you. I focus solely on colours for your business. After initial discussion and completion of an online survey, I present to you a full colour spec sheet that you can use for all elements of your business needs in the future. Colour values will be provided in Hex values, RGB and CMYK.

Investment: $600 (USD)

  • UK residents: £450 + VAT

I found our calls and your preparation and tools very professional. I was impressed how clear a recommendation of colours can be. My initial question was answered to the point. I enjoy -and will!- working with you very much, I find you very understanding and good to talk with"

Mareike Fuisz

Mareike Fuisz

To make sure that you are at the right point in your business journey to fully benefit from my expertise, I request that you schedule a free discovery call with myself first. There is no obligation to purchase in the call, I always allow my prospective clients time to think over the offer, as one of my core teachings is that any big decision should be slept on overnight. 

But if you are serious in business and want to build from where you are now, getting expert colour coaching is an investment that will pay off many times over in the lifetime of your business. 

So click on the button below, schedule a free discovery call and let's see how I can help you.

Susanna Reay Colour Catalyst

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