Colour Flow

When getting serious about selling your products or services, it is vital that the message your clients are reading about your brand via the colours you use are in sync with your values and theirs to make sure you are attracting the right audience.

Are you?

  • building your creative business or changing your business direction?
  • attending networking events and conferences to promote your business?

Do you have a cohesive brand palette that you use in these scenarios? 

Colour Flow Coaching

Get Personalised colour coaching to really understand your brand.

After our sessions;

  • You will be clear and confident in the colours that you have chosen under expert guidance
  • You will attract your ideal clients by your confidence and clarity of message
  • You will have developed your personal power colours to use when networking.
  • At the end you will have completed a Business Colours Specification to keep as a handy reference guide. You will know where to use your colours on your website for best effect such as action buttons and contact forms. 

With this information you can build consistency across your personal and professional brand on and offline

Picking Colours

Everyone has their favourite colours, and we all respond subconsciously to colour and pick companies we resonate with as a preferred supplier as a result. Make sure you are projecting the right image to gain the right clients for you.

Elma Ferreira

Artist, Art Teacher & Musician.

I had a million questions in my mind, and the way Susanna answered those questions with such a composed confidence, gave me the impression that if ever I need to know anything about any colour throughout the spectrum of the universe, this would be the go-to-person!

I would most definitely recommend Susanna as the number one choice for any business as a Colour Catalyst, but I believe she has such a wealth of wisdom around the science of colour that I would also employ her as my personal “Colour Coach” on an emotional and psychological level as well!

I had good luck on getting Susanna’s consultation on a very short notice. 

I wasn’t prepared and had only a vague idea of what I need. In the hour we spoke on Skype, I made pages and pages of notes and got TWO fun assignments.

Before the call I was at a loss of where to start - I love all the colours, how on earth could I chose 3 to 5? I didn’t believe I could abandon my favourite colour, I felt resistance and wanted to hide.

As I dived into the assignments I felt clarity and patterns emerge. Susanna swiftly processed my assignments and a few days later I have a palette for my business website which I can only describe as “That’s exactly it!”. 

Being and HSP and an introvert, I found Susanna’s approach magically fitting – to the point, very professional, highly efficient and just enough interaction to get things done. And she didn’t mind me sending her hamster pictures for a laugh – because humour relaxes all of us, right? Thank you Susanna – I am eating my palette with my eyes."

Masha Ellis



Over the 7 weeks we have together, I expect you to invest a 20 minutes per day as a minimum to complete the tasks. By committing to developing yourself in understanding colour, you will achieve so much more afterwards. 

Having the confidence and clarity will aid business momentum. 

I will also ask you at times to stop and do nothing. This is part of the process to allow time for your brain to digest new information and produce the desired results. 

Stopping helps overwhelm. 

Getting into a business rhythm is part of the coaching to make sure your well-being is balanced with the progress you need to see. 

I provide personal attention to your needs and way of working. This is something we discuss in our initial call. 

Colour Flow Coaching

7 week program

March Madness Special: £395

(Normally £795, so apply now to start in March)

Colour Flow Coaching 7 week program highlights:

  • 1 initial 60 minute private video call to kickstart the process and connect. You will receive personalised homework, to be reviewed the following week.
  • 3 x 30 minutes bi-weekly video calls to monitor progress and provide feedback on tasks.
  • Colour Flow basics to incorporate into your way of working. 

Apply NOW

Before I take any client on, I request that we connect first in a short 20 minute discovery call, to make sure we are both aligned in expectations and that you are at the right point to make the most of our time together. 

This call is FREE with NO OBLIGATIONS

Terms & Conditions:

Payment will be due upfront via Paypal Invoice after our discovery call.
I am sure you will be 100% satisfied with my coaching, but if you are unhappy, you may receive a 80% refund in the first 7 days of the program. 

All coaching material is copyrighted to Susanna Reay, Colour Catalyst and must not be shared with others. If you are found in breach of this copyright, coaching will be stopped immediately without refund and legal proceedings will be started if the breach is deemed harmful to Colour Catalyst.