Colour Stories - Susanna Reay

Colour Stories

I am currently collating a series of colour stories that describe how the power of colour has affected various people and the strength they have drawn from using certain colours.

A beautiful and powerful colour story:

Jane, is surrounded by peach everywhere at the moment as it is the colour of the cancer ward she is on, but when I asked about any colours that she has strong memories with, she then remembered the same peach was one her Grandmother wore, and that then flooded her with happy memories and changed her negative association with peach back into the positive which helped her get through the chemotherapy.

Jane now pulls strength and joy from wearing and using this peach colour in her daily life.

Q: Why Colour Stories?

I have spoken to many people about colour in their lives and asked if they have any memories linked to a particular colour, or palette of colours and it is amazing the life-defining moments that have been shared with me.

The time feels right at this point in my life and career to collate these stories into their own volume to share and inspire others. Colour can hold very powerful connections to people, places or an period of time.

This project, with the working title of “Colour Connections” is all about collecting stories from those who have connected deeply with certain colours in their life. Colour has often defined moments in people’s lives.


“Colour can and has pulled people out of depression, myself included, so strong is it’s pull. The power of colour is not to be underestimated.” 

Susanna Reay

If you have a colour story that you would be happy to share and be published, then please click though on this link to an easy Google form to add your story too – any questions just ask.