Why you should create a Vision Board Now! - Susanna Reay

Why you should create a Vision Board Now!

Vision Board by Susanna Reay, Colour Catalyst

I am sure you have heard many coaches talk about vision boards and how they can help you achieve your dreams...

And it is true there is a lot of power behind a vision board, but only if it is created in the right way and placed in the correct situation. The power is linked to setting your goals and intentions and dreams out in the world for you and others to see. 

A vision board is created by engaging your subconscious.

And the best way to do this is to gather together a series of magazines that you are attracted to the content - whether by the headlines, the colours or the photos. 

And what NOT to do... 

DON'T rely on app such as Pinterest. 

Yes, Pinterest holds a host of images that pull you in and you lose hours in there... the Pinterest algorithm sees what you have pinned and shows you more of the same. 

This is NOT what we want when creating a vision board.

BUT if you have certain images in your own Pinterest board that really pull you in, then PRINT these out and add to your collection of cuttings from magazines and newspapers. 

Where to place your vision board

This is a critical part of the vision board process. 

Place you completed vision board in a room where you are often. If you work from home, have this up near your desk.

If you commute to an office, then have your vision board near your dressing board so you can see it every morning and evening. 

Also take a photo of your vision board and use this as your desktop backdrop.

Listen to my video below to get more tips on why and how to create the best vision board for you.

My Offer for You!

If you have created a vision board and would like help understanding the threads that are within it, I am offering a special on my laser-sharp 30 minute mini-coaching session to help you understand the energies you have gathered together. In this time I will define the colours that you need to activate in your life to help these intentions manifest themselves faster. 

30 minute Laser-Sharp Vision Board analysis =  $99