Are your brand colours saying
what your clients want to hear?

Brand colour analysis

Do you already have a website and a business up and running but it does not seem to be achieving as well as you hoped?

Having your website analysed as it stands will give you the path to improvements and greater sales.

Learn what your colours say about you, your business and how your clients view you online. The final report will also give suggestions for improvements in this area.



Brand Colour Analysis


Are you?

  • building a business or changing your business direction?
  • rebranding products?

A simple place to start is to understand what your website in it's current form saying about your business right now.

This starter package gives you an expert's view on your website and what it is saying by the colours you are using currently, and provides suggestions for improvement if they don't align with your core customer. 

With this information you can understand how people view your window to the world at first glance.  

Picking Colours

Everyone has their favourite colours, and we all respond subconsciously to colour and pick companies we resonate with as a preferred supplier as a result. But as a business owner you cannot just pick your own favourite colours and use those - the colours must work for your industry and your ideal clients. The number of design decisions in the past that CEO's have referred to their wives at home and 'what they like' has led to huge mistakes in branding. 

Colour Psychology is not part of Graphic Design education either, so it is quite likely that your graphic or website designer does not fully understand how colours affect us. Yes, they can say which colours look good together as that is an artistic skill - but can they tell you the deeper meanings that we all resonate with at a subconscious level? 

I am unique in that I am a professional design and colour expert who can cast a critical eye across your existing website and provide you with an in-depth analysis about how a visitor will view your website. 

Make sure you are projecting the right image to gain the right clients for you.

Elma Ferreira

Art Teacher

I would most definitely recommend Susanna as the number one choice for any business as a Colour Catalyst.


Brand Colour Analysis


Brand Colour Analysis includes:

  • you complete a simple online questionnaire to provide details about your business & website

  • RESULT: a report (PDF) that you can share as required, describing how your website currently portrays itself and suggestions for further development.