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Why I have this thing with colour

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If you have been following me for a while now you will know that I am crazy about colour and also spreading my passion by helping you develop your business with the right colour or colours connected to it. 

If this is the first bog of mine you have read - a huge heartfelt welcome to you!

Colour is emotion. Emotion sells. Colour sells.

The right colour sells better.

I broadcast live the other day on my Facebook page (weekly Colour Catalyst TV slots every Wednesday morning) and created a pretty neat presentation about why colour in business is so important and what elements you need to look out for to give yourself the best chance of success.

Of course I cannot promise you riches, as a business needs many aspects to work together for success to be seen. But you really don't want certain aspects pulling you down when you don't them to do you?

And, here's the thing, the wrong colours in your business will be working against all that text you have sweated over if you are not aligned. Why take the the risk? 

Click the video below to watch my cool presentation on why I have this thing with colour.. and why you should too... 

Visibility + Connection = Clients

What will you be doing this week to make your brand more visible?