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If you are a service-business founder

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and you have wisdom to share 

that can help make the world a better place, then

it's time to share your gold online.

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  • Do you find that the standard business and marketing advice doesn't connect with you as you are wired differently?
  • Are you fed up trying to fit into a mould that will never fit you as you are multi-dimensional?
  • Are you experienced in the business of transformation and feel its time to share your expertise with a wider audience?


If you wish to be seen as who you truly are and get support to share your gold at a glance, then keep reading!

Discover how To

Show Your Gold At A Glance

The Spark Process

If you have knowledge to share, you can totally...

  • get known as the go-to expert in your space who leads with value, so your audience know, love and trust you.
  • package your expertise to scale in a way that attracts new clients everyday and wins you speaking opportunities
  • create amazing, high value online training and coaching packages that free up your time and increase your income

Let's find the perfect form for your expertise with my unique Sparkle Frameworks® 

Work with me

Packaging your ideas and expertise to scale

is the number 1 way for coaches & consultants

to grow a thriving business online

But it's tough to work out how on your own, especially when you have soooo many ideas it can be hard to know which to focus on that will support your growth.

 Instant clarity and direction

Blue Spark Package

Maybe you have too many ideas and no idea where to start? Then, this 7 day deep dive coaching service will open your eyes to the opportunities ahead. Together we can create your first framework that will connect the many dots of ideas that are swimming in your head. This involves a breakthrough session like no other which will set you up for the next 3* or more months! *according to past clients.

12 months support

The Spark Space

The Spark Space is a unique implementation programme, focused on live coaching that guides you through the full set of powerful Sparkle Frameworks®. Right from the start, you will see immediate impact as you get clarity on who your audience is, what offer style is best to serve them and you PLUS how to share your expertise using frameworks that bring your ideal people into your world.

"I'm more empowered to pitch what I can do for clients"

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Read what Kerri had to say

"I just finished a session with Susanna Reay. Oh, my goodness. So valuable.

So this may not make a lot of sense to you. Check it out. It makes a tonne of sense to me. And I'm going to be prettifying this, on some website tools that Susanna and I talked about.

But really, if you were thinking about all the brilliant ideas you have and knowing that they sort of know need to be put in some cohesive manner so that you can

pitch it to your clients and explain the journey you're going to take them on, that's called a framework.

And Susanna Reay is a game changer.

I have a PhD, I know theoretical frameworks. I've written on this stuff. But I was stuck when it came to my business on how to sort of take these really great ideas and put them in a cohesive visual as well as sort of a logical manner to put people through what I'm going to offer them and what I offer.

And so now I'm leaving just one session with Susanna, feeling like I'm more empowered to pitch what I can do for clients. It's logical, it's cohesive, and I really think it is capturing sort of the talent and the service that I bring to the world.

So do it. It's going to be worth it, and you're going to feel inspired and lighter like I do right now. So thanks so much Susanna, your Sparkle Framework are the bomb!"

~ Kerri Burchill PhD Leadership Trainer

It's good to have one over-arching framework, but sustainable growth happens when multiple frameworks are developed that cross over into strategy, services, marketing and customer service; everything that is needed to grease the wheels of a business.

" I've never met anyone like Susanna before, who looks at the whole package and how it can be pulled together into a cohesive strategy"

Annie Hall, Owner of Phase Two Design

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