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Package Your Expertise to Sell Online

Sparkle Frameworks™
Perfect for coaches, consultants and creatives looking to package their knowledge to sell online.

If you are a coach, consultant or creative, you can totally...

  • package your expertise to scale in a way that attracts new clients everyday
  • create amazing, high value online training and coaching packages that free up your time and increase your income
  • get known as the go-to expert in your niche who leads with value, so your audience know, love and trust you.

Clarify Your Offers + Create Magnetic Messaging + Serve More Clients In Less Time

Online Business Support Services

1. Power-up up your business

Introvert Business Booster

The Booster is especially for coaches and consultants ready to take action for focused growth by refining their marketing messages with Susanna's unique and powerful Sparkle Frameworks®. This training is self led with personal feedback guaranteed on all 5 growth phases. Perfect when you know you need to work on your messaging and frameworks, but at your pace. 

 2. Get clarity and direction

Blue Spark Strategy Session

Have too many questions and lost in internet research? Book a Blue Spark private call with Susanna to discover how to set up your services to sell online. This 90 minute, deep dive business consulting service will open your eyes to the opportunities ahead.

3. Embed your business DNA into your marketing

30 Day Sparkle Package

Over 30 days, we get together with a combination of private business mentoring, co-creation of your messaging and offers PLUS receive a high-impact bespoke & interactive Sparkle Framework® designed by Susanna at the end of the 30 days. If you want to create an impact and elevate your messaging with top-notch visuals, this package is for you. Includes the new Sparkle Frameworks® Power Pack for onward tweaks! Limited spaces open each month.

4. Introduce Sustainable Structures to Scale Your Business

Deep-dive Mentoring

Over 6 months, we get together with a combination of private business mentoring, co-creation of your signature service offers and the systems that will support your growth as you scale and serve groups. If you want accountability, support and motivation to ramp up your business offers, this is the package for you. By application only as limited spaces available at any one time.

Woman coach working online with laptop
  • Imagine having total confidence about how you show up in your business
  • Imagine having an offer or online course that sells because it’s exactly what your clients need.
  • Imagine that you wake up each morning to payment notifications as clients see the value in your service and knowledge.

(It's Totally Possible!)

"Susanna is the strategy queen when it comes to online business and courses" 

Rachel Clayton, Director of Fruition for Business 

It's time to

Elevate Your Business Online

  • monetise your following through high value, impactful online courses
  • amplify your expertise by defining your unique visual framework
  • earn your true worth through offers that get results for your clients

The End Goal

You are relaxed and happy growing your business online with a successful and profitable strategic plan in place to increase your return on investment

No more overwhelm 

No more working all hours with little return

No more trading time for money

" I've never met anyone like Susanna before, who looks at the whole package and how it can be pulled together into a cohesive strategy"

Annie Hall, Owner of Phase Two Design

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I'd love to connect!

If you are looking for friendly and fun support to build your online course, membership, or business service package offers, then reach out and we can discuss what working together could look like. 

I promise to guide you forwards with clarity and focus so that you can confidently grow your business to have the impact you dream of.

It’s time to feel energised, in flow, and grow your business The Introvert Way® ~ Susanna Reay

What is 'The Introvert Way®'?

The Introvert Way® is the approach I have developed to design and scale your business online, in alignment with your natural introverted tendencies.

Your business is likely to be heart-centred, fuelled by your passion to help others and you need to learn how to balance marketing with creation.

You see the potential in social media to reach new clients but have no idea where to start with your online business strategy.

You offer extraordinary services that wow your clients when they connect with you... but not enough are finding you, and you feel small. 

Your dream of having a profitable business with a successful strategy that allows for a flexible home-based life seems so far away.

YOU CAN control your business and your life with the right steps! It’s my job to plan and show you these steps, all you have to do is follow them, The Introvert Way®.

The Introvert Way® Blog

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Clients Love...

DanaGita loved the clarity she gained ...

Susanna is a highly experienced professional coach. She delivers high-value content set within an easy to follow structure, guiding and supporting you skilfully in the process. Susanna can grasp the missing links and pinpoint what you cannot see as yet, and she will guide you with empathy and graceful patience, should you need to go in loops and comebacks.

I highly recommend Susanna's "Signature Offer System” which gave me the confidence and clarity on my vision and gave clarity on how to put my ideas into words and a meaningful structure. Being in a small, supportive group and having Susanna's LIVE coaching on each step of the way was a great benefit.

I recommend this training if you have one or maybe even a set of indistinctive ideas, about your main "signature offer" and wish to receive the guidance to break through the haze. One of my biggest takeaways from the training was to have finally having found how I can talk about my offer and service.

DanaGita Stratil

Britt loved the focus ...

If you want a world class coach who really cares about you, your doubts, failures and wins - then go for Susanna. Susanna has not only huge knowledge but she really cares about her clients. She gives laser focused advice on the next steps to go and how to get there in an easy way even introvert people dare to go. If you get stuck Susanna helps you to focus and break things up into the smallest possible bites you can take. Baby-steps help you to reach your goal without getting overwhelmed. Susanna teaches you all you need in an easy to understand, even fun way (!) and helps you keep on track. Her advice is personalised to your special needs and if you follow her steps success is inevitable.

Britt Tassenbacher

Elif loved the unique in depth approach ...

Elif Tepebaşı

The way Susanna approaches the design of a 'signature program' is quite unique. This training has very rich, fulfilling content with great design and great expertise. Wonderful takeaways for me were understanding how to position my service product, the aspects of landing my concepts into geometrical form and speaking my message through images. Throughout the program, I always felt a warm expert holding my hand, very mindful of my needs. I would highly recommend Susanna as a coach!

Wherever you may be based, my business coaching and strategy services are available to you, online.

Business Coaching Hotspots: From London, Oxford, Brighton – all available online: Coaching services are growing in many areas across the UK, with particular growth in London, Oxford, Brighton, Reading, and the southern counties (Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Greater London, East & West Sussex). Enlisting bespoke business coaching has helped small and medium-sized businesses further north too, with a notable increase in the demand for business development coaching across Manchester and further north in Edinburgh, Scotland, and Belfast, Northern Ireland.

With clients across the globe, my coaching advice is readily available to all those who need it.

All you need is an internet connection!

If you've been struggling to grow your UK or Europe based business, then business coaching is a great way to get out of the rut. Together, we will define and implement a successful strategy for you to increase the return you receive on your business investments. I've worked with introverted business entrepreneurs across the UK, Europe, America and Australia, giving them direction in their goals and strategy to grow into a thriving business.

Let's get your offers defined and priced right, with clear messaging to take your business from spinning to focused growth. 

It’s time to see your business growing on paper and in person with my coaching and consulting services. 

If you’re a small UK business and tired of not seeing positive online results, try my tools and strategic advice that can allow you to take control and make a change today. Together, we research your individual business in detail to produce your unique strategic plan moving forward.

Get in touch today to see how coaching can increase growth and development for your business.

Your Online Business Strategy Expert

Based in the UK, Susanna is your international online business coach for introverted business consultants, coaches and course creators, Susanna Reay shares key business strategies and coaching services to provide every individual client with a unique and successful service. She specialises in digital courses that monetise your expertise online as you discover how to package your services.

Susanna’s The Introvert Way® coaching methods ensure quietly determined business owners build a sustainable business that provides high value offers that connect with their clients, while maintaining their own energy boundaries to avoid burnout so that they can live the lifestyle they desire.

Owning a business consulting service, coaching practice or other specialist service gives you opportunity to add in online training options which allows you to grow, elevate and realise the full potential of your business. 

Whether your goals are big or small, Susanna Reay can support you to get your business off the ground through her online business coaching services.

Your dream business should no longer be a dream, act today and we can get it moving in the right direction with your very own expert strategist, coaching you every step of the way.