10 Tips On How To Grow Your Business Even If You’re An Introvert

Follow these 10 introvert-friendly tips to grow your business even if you're an introvert... because you can and you are awesome!

1. Simplify always (as an introvert you will be over thinking everything, I know as that’s me too!)

2. Balance is key to sustainable success, so book time for work and play. 

3. Align your business models to you. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not. You are enough. 

4. Focus on one thing at a time. You will get there faster if you do. Wherever there is for you. 

5. Take imperfect action. Never wait for things to be perfect as they will never be to your perfectionist brain (again, speaking from experience here!)

6. Show Up Your Way. Yes you need to show up, but there are lots of options on what this can look like. 

7. Consistency pays off. Nothing happens overnight, and no one wants to work with overnight wonders either. Let your prospects Know, Love and Trust you. 

8. Scale for Success. Trading time for money limits your income and drains your energy, instead look at ways to scale online through courses, memberships and group training. 

9. Support matters. Oh this is a big one. As introverts we get stuck in our heads way too often. Having someone who gets you and your business that you can reach out to makes a huge difference between taking timely action and not. 

10. Celebrate your wins!!! It’s so easy to not look back and see the successes you have had already. No matter how small, celebrate. Often. 

BONUS TIP (for reading this far!)

Create before you Consume.

Keep yourself away from the many rabbit holes online and stay focused on your goals. 

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About the author

Susanna is a colour-passionate introvert on a mission to see gender equality in her lifetime. She guides female intropreneurs to success by building their business the introvert way, giving them the financial freedom they dream of. When not online Susanna can be found photographing, painting, procrastibaking and memorizing many musical lyrics that she sings with her daughters who have acquired this love too.

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