Hello! I'm Susanna

As a coach, consultant or creative: 

Defining your Signature Solution is the most powerful way to build a profitable, impactful business.

And I help you do that, fast. 

If you want to step up and serve your wisdom to many, whether in courses, memberships, books or on stages...

It all starts with 

Simplifying Your Smarts

Your smarts, are your expertise, the thing you've been living these last years and can talk for hours about... but we need to get you sharing the crux of the matter in minutes. Once, we've nailed that, then we look at your branding, your offer suite and streamline your systems so you can grow massively without large overheads.

Grow a business that is aligned with
your personality + your passion + your prowess

To confidently step forward, share your wisdom, elicit change and play the bigger game starts with getting crystal clear on the

3 Clarity Zones



show your value simply so people remember you



provide what your people desire, serve at scale



create impactful content that stands out from the crowd

Once these are aligned, sales flow with ease

and you become an Authority Brand.

Susanna Reay presenting a keynote on stage sharing her brand authority frameworks to the room of attentive business owners all aspiring to speak on stage.

'Let's ignite your authority, expand your impact and monetise your wisdom.'

Susanna Reay, The Clarity Queen

If you want to increase your visibility, get leadership status and leapfrog competition,

it's time to develop your unique signature solution.

This starts with a Clarity Conversation.

"Susanna is so intuitive in how she works, she gets me, she'll get you, as she adapts to people's individuality. Working with Susanna is worth every penny. If you're thinking about working with Susanna, just do it - she is a complete wizard, a master at what she does."

Linzy Boden

Clients adore how I quickly draw out their expertise to create scalable, profitable offers and systems so they can grow their business with ease.

Clarity Workshops, Group Training, Self-Led Courses and Private Mentoring.

best seller, instant access

Instant Clarity

ongoing deep support

Constant Clarity

When we visualise your expertisewe create momentum and connection,

which in turn creates the breakthrough you've been seeking in your business.

" I've never met anyone like Susanna before, who looks at the whole package and how it can be pulled together into a cohesive strategy"

Annie Hall, Owner of Phase Two Design

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