The Art of Taking Action

4 weeks + 1 goal


The Art of Taking Action

This course is ideal for creative, heart-centred introvert entrepreneurs who want to get out of their heads and into positive motion on social media, so they can start getting the impact and income they deserve. Get energised, in flow & motivated to take the actions you need to grow online without feeling overwhelmed.

Right now you are likely stuck in overthinking, overwhelm and procrastination.

This course is for you if:

  • YOU have a defined business niche that you wish to serve
  • YOU are active on social media but are not seeing progress
  • YOU are ready to take action and test yourself

Do you struggle with getting content online?

Is your monkey mind giving excuses as it’s way more fun to create than implement?

Here’s the truth:

You can stop searching frantically online for answers, you don’t have to improvise, and you don’t need more information. You have everything you need inside of you already... 

Use fun & flexible ways to get moving in your business so your monkey plays along nicely... Be held lovingly accountable so you can reset the clock. 

AFTER completing The Art of Taking Action you will have:

  • ACTION TOOLS that you actually WANT to use again and again as it recognises your needs
  • NEW ENERGY to move forwards as you have embraced the power you have within you
  • BE IN FLOW to boost your business year long

4 weeks that will bring fun and light into your business tasks so you can connect and serve more clients

"It’s time to feel energised, in flow,

and grow your business the introvert way" 

- Susanna Reay

You will be guided by Susanna Reay, the only online business mentor helping you build your business with structure, strategy and creativity... the introvert way.

Take action now to get your business moving online. 

PS. This course is not for you if:

  • you just want to listen and then do nothing
  • you think that it "may be useful" but you don't have time to implement
  • you can't block out time in your day/week to focus on implementing the actions

What's Inside

Over 4 weeks, discover how to get productive in your week, taking the right actions online to ensure success in your online business.

  • Understand why you are getting stuck and avoiding tasks
  • Learn the key elements you need in your business to see progress
  • Engage with the material and check off your wins as you go

Watch the video for an overview of all modules.

Each module is released every 7 days, to allow you time to take the actions suggested in this self-led program designed to turn procrastination into profit for your business by discovering the art of taking action online.

Module 1: What Makes Us Tick

Discover how to bypass your frustrations with social media so that you can take focused actions that support your business and lifestyle goals.

Module 2: Behind the Scenes

You run a business now, so make sure you have a professional set-up in place that intrigues your online visitors to stay and ask more.

Module 3: Core Content Creation

Creating year round content is a joy once you know the triggers that connect you and your audience, and allow you the flexibility and focus you need to be consistent.

Module 4: Journey Together

Everything comes together as you map out your customers journey in your business and establish habits that ensure you grow and prosper.


Alumni say...

"Susanna has a lot of great advice for us entrepreneurs, and she's inspiring and fun, so I'd recommend this course!" Therese

"Susanna can help you clear your business idea and also support you with her deep knowledge about technical stuff. Beside that Susanna is really good listener and she'll call you back if she sees that she find something more that's good for you to do." Mojca

"It’s super easy to use Susanna's strategies to stop procrastinating and implementing the tasks into every day. If you’re a solopreneur who has experienced the feeling of overwhelm while running your business, you should do The Art of Taking Action training. It helps you to establish new habits that is a strong foundation for a successful business." Valda

"Need help with your next steps? Need clarity about your message, content, audience, need help to get your nose back over water and out of overwhelm? I can not recommend Susanna enough, do it!" Brigitte

"Yes, choose this course if you want to make a change in your business. Susanna is very friendly person and knows exactly about the problems of introvert and creative minds. She helps you with your good ideas to move forward and create better Facebook Page and more interaction with your clients and colleagues and other helpful people. You will notice a move in your business" Susanne

"Susanna is able to make you think of different ways on how to structure your work and your approaches in a simple, down to earth and super affective waysShe challenges you to think out of the box by staying true to yourself and to not feel overwhelmed... her training felt as if we would sit face to face and have a conversation on how to get my business out there and to be more seen, rather then being lectured. And on top of it all, all this happened with a lot of fun, too. Attending the training - listening to the videos and following up on the tasks brought joy, motivation and encouragement. " Ann-Katrin