Business Colours

When getting serious about selling your products or services, it is vital that the message your clients are reading about your brand via the colours you use are in sync with your values and theirs to make sure you are attracting the right audience.

Are you?

  • building your business or changing your business direction?
  • using social media to build your brand?
  • attending networking events and conferences to promote your business?

Do you have a cohesive brand palette that you use in these scenarios? 

I provide a new business colour service which results in you having the perfect colours to launch and grow with in your business. 

With this information you can build consistency across your personal and professional brand on and offline.

As with all marketing you need to focus on your customers. What attracts them, what message do they want to hear from you? Colours will promote your business without saying a word. And if the colours send a different message to your words then the battle will always be uphill to attract your audience. 

There is far more to colour than most realise, and finding the right colours starts with asking lots of probing questions! 

I define colour palettes for companies based on my scientifically based knowledge and colour sensitivity so the guesswork is taken away. 

If your business colours are wrong, then you will be attracting the wrong clients, which will result in fewer sales. All the copy you have sweated over will not even be read.

Getting your business colours right from the start will make the difference between whether you have a successful business launch or one that falls flat. 

My Business Colours For You package will get your business branding fully aligned to make you feel confident and at ease that the message you wish to portray is the correct one.

"Everyone has their favourite colours, and we all respond subconsciously to colour and pick companies we resonate with as a preferred supplier as a result. Make sure you are projecting the right image to gain the right clients for you." ~ Susanna Reay

Business Colours For You


This service is highly personalised and Susanna will ask probing questions about your business to make sure the colours you use are completely in line with your business goals and clients needs. 

Business Colours For You Package includes:

  • We start with a 60 minute Zoom call to discuss your business values, customer base and offers.
  • I then propose a few options in a subsequent meeting, about 2 weeks later. You will then consider these options and have the chance to discuss with colleagues before a send the final report & specification through by email.
  • Business Colour Analysis report (PDF) 
    • Final colour palette (3-5 colours usually),​
    • Full colour specification values in CMYK, RGB, and HEX values of the defined palette needed for your business.
    • Recommended positioning of your colours into the different standard website elements such as action buttons and contact forms. 
  • Your graphic or website designer will be able to follow these recommendations directly for all your marketing materials - both digital and print.

 a few days later I have a palette for my business website which I can only describe as “That’s exactly it!” 

Masha Ellis, Entrepreneur

I had good luck on getting Susanna’s consultation on a very short notice. I wasn’t prepared and had only a vague idea of what I need. 

Before the call I was at a loss of where to start - I love all the colours, how on earth could I chose 3 to 5? I didn’t believe I could abandon my favourite colour, I felt resistance and wanted to hide. But Susanna showed me what I needed to do to really connect to my clients. It works perfectly.