FAO: Aspiring Course-Creators in the Business of Transformation.  

It's time to start creating scalable offers that are easier to run and will increase your income significantly whilst reducing your workload. Don't be a 'busy fool'. 

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Scale Your Expertise Business

Create Compelling Offers that deliver


to your clients in group programmes.

And by doing so, create unforgettable client experiences that get enormous amounts of referrals as your clients attain the end goal with glee.

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If you ... 

  • are struggling with advice overwhelm
  • have hit a brick wall in your business growth and would like to explore serving groups
  • would like to pivot from Done-For-You Services to Training Programmes that empower your clients

Then this workshop is designed for you

Discover how to

  • create scalable packages that are easier to serve and sell
  • attract higher paying clients and get more referrals
  • have more impact for your clients which provides more rewarding work for you

Let's Map Your Expert Business Together!

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21st November at 10am (UK) 

Let's Map Your Expertise in Minutes!

This is where I love to help!

I’m Susanna Reay, an award-winning online business coach, who’s been bringing clarity, focus and structure into small businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups for over 20 years.

I bring a unique perspective informed by my training in design and business strategy, my life-long interest in psychology and strengths as an introverted online business builder. 

I do get rather excited about this stuff - so expect lots of energy on the call!


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We meet in Zoom on 21st November at 10:00-12:00 (UK)

"Absolutely brilliant training,
make this your priority to attend!"

Q: Will there be a recording available? No. This is live only as the value is immense when you get to ask your questions, and Susanna is reserving 2 hours of her time to support your business growth.

Q: Will you run this again? Yes! There is a second opportunity to attend live on 12th December as 12:00-14:00 (U.K) - Sign up here for this date.

Do you find that you have so many ideas for your business and you just don't know where to start?

You’re not alone!

It can be so easy to get lost down rabbit holes chasing avenues that you've been told you 'should do' but ultimately don't move your business forward.

This isn't a sit back and learn webinar - this is an INTERACTIVE workshop where you are "getting-it-done" right in our time together. 


You will be hands-on, brain-engaged, doing the work in this time together.

Block out 2 hours to work ON your business


  • We start fast and instantly delve into the no-fluff, high value, super powerful training that will have you working on your business instantly (bring pen and paper).
  • Ask questions and get feedback on your business offer map (this is why you attend live!)
  • We will use 90 minutes to map your ideas into your expert business, then have time for next steps and additional support.
  • Discover an opportunity to delve deeper to move beyond planning and into action!

It's time to start creating scalable offers that are easier to run and will increase your income significantly whilst reducing your workload. All of this starts with mapping out your business expertise.

Past attendees loved it!

  • Such fantastic training! Totally worth attending live! Prioritise the time to be join Susanna and she will move your thinking forward fast!
  • It’s been fabulous, some seriously thought provoking material inside!
  • Absolutely brilliant training, make this your priority to attend!
  • Gives amazing clarity, I loved the process you shared!
  • Absolutely loved today - Would highly recommend it!
  • This is a no-brainer to attend whether you're a therapist like me, a coach, a consultant, an energy worker - the framework Susanna shares applies to everyone and she's so fast at picking up what your unique twist could be. 

I've been told to charge £250 for this workshop - but for now, you get a free ticket when you sign up today.

RING-FENCE 14th March


I’m Susanna Reay, an award-winning coach, writer, and speaker who’s been bringing clarity, focus and structure into small businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups for over 20 years. 

I believe that running a business should be fun, empowering and led with integrity and my mission is to help the unseen be seen, heard and respected!

I'm introverted in nature so understand how draining a lot of business activities can be when they're not aligned to who we are, which is why all my tools and techniques are designed to align with exactly who you are right now and then we set up your offers to fit the FUTURE-YOU.  

This workshop is for you if you are

  • quietly confident in your expertise as you are regularly serving clients one-to-one and now would like to increase your impact without losing the result.
  • are in the business of transformation, such as a coach, consultant, trainer, healer, psychologist, designer, photographer etc. who is on a mission of change!
  • have received great testimonials and feedback from clients who are often heard to call you "their best kept secret" < and that needs to change!

Then this workshop is your opportunity to understand how to set up your offers to scale.

My promise to you:

If you promise to ring fence this time to be with me, I promise that you will walk away with a powerful map of your expert business to guide all your next steps.

We don't grow by consuming knowledge. We grow by taking action. - Susanna Reay

By joining me, taking action and mapping out your expert business, you will leave with a clear simple plan in place for your offers that will carry you through the whole of next year and well beyond that! 

Join this powerful training now that leaves attendees buzzing!

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Full transparency:

I will also share with you the opportunity to go deeper with my guidance to really set off sparklers in your business, for those that are ready to take the next step and move into full action. 

You are welcome to leave the workshop if you have everything you need to go it alone at that point. And that's fine. 

But if you are unsure in anyway, and know you need the accountability to get things done, why not stay on and hear what's possible with personal support?

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