Book a Clarity Deep Dive with Susanna Reay

  • Are you trying to untangle a web of ideas and work out which to progress in your business?

  • Are you looking to move from time-based services but are confused about all the options? 
  • Are you developing your expert brand and would like someone to spotlight what what makes you, you? 

In just one session I can show you the path ahead and share strategies that will work for you today.

"Find the way forward that fits you"

When you are starting a new venture it's very hard to tick all the boxes in the right order, or even tick them at all, as it's impossible to know what all those boxes are.

"You don't know, what you don't know"

And that's where I come in...

as your Business Clarity Coach

Susanna Reay, Creative Business Coach, Author, Speaker

This package includes a private, in-depth half or full day session followed by 7 days email support to get clarity on your business messaging, offers and opportunities.

We will focus on your goals, which may include;

online course creation

online memberships

website strategy

hosting online workshops

high ticket services

sales copy advice

e-mail client automations

masterclass magic

online summit hosting

online branding

bespoke frameworks

live video streaming

I have personally done all these and more, and can share my experience with you so you don't waste your time, energy or money investing in apps, software and course creation when it's not required. 

A simple, streamlined system is best!

You will leave this clarity conversation package with an injection of confidence, exciting ideas and clear plan to take action and build momentum towards your goals!


Let's ask my clients..

Jenny has very high standards and will be booking more sessions!

Working with Susanna in a Strategy Session was absolutely fantastic! As a strategy advisor I have very high standards with the people I choose to help me with my own strategies. It is so rare to find someone who has the left-brain analytical skills to grasp your business and core IP, but also the creativity to enhance it into a better visual model. 

Susanna is a pleasure to work with – intelligent, no hype, great sense of humour, and invaluable mix of left-brain and right-brain capability. She has a broad marketing skill-set and the focus to identify what isn’t working and turn it into something that sparkles! I’ll be signing up for another Strategy Session!

Jenny Stilwell

Theresa loved the speed I picked up her business needs and added value, fast.

I enrolled in Susanna's Blue Spark strategy session and it was awesome! She quickly was able to pick up my business and add value. She is quick to think on her feet. Doesn't give you 'canned' answers and honestly added value more than some coaches that I've paid more dollars than I care to say. I will definitely engage her again as needed. I really 'enjoyed' my time with her. She's authentic and trustworthy. Thanks A TON!!
Theresa Nordstrom

Theresa Nordstrom

Clarity Deep-Dive Options

Client's call this small-but-mighty package a "game-changer" for their business

  • An in-depth, soul searching, fire-lighting ½ day or full day session with Susanna Reay to get clarity on your business messaging, offers and opportunities.
  • A video recording to capture every ounce of gold dust that has been sprinkled throughout the session, with transcribed notes.
  • 7 day email support after the session




We connect at 9am UK, and deep-dive for 2.5 hours into your business.

Usually £700 - special offer:


Please note: If you have a deadline or a set day needed, please send Susanna an email for additional availability to those seen above, as sometimes, things can get moved around. If you'd like to book an in-person clarity day, email me where you are located and I will send you a quote and availability.


  • Click the button for half or full day support to see my availability - I do book out so you may need to scroll quite far ahead in the booking system. Mornings are usually on Tuesdays, and full days on Wednesdays.
  • Choose the date that works for you, enter payment details and your spot is reserved.
  • You will then receive an email your unique booking link for the day. 
  • Upto 24 hours beforehand you can send me your notes and details on where you would like to focus (if you have no idea where to start, we can do everything on the day as I'm a wizard at seeing what you need to do.)
  • On the day, we record the session and also have a machine-transcription made to help with detailed notes.
  • After the session, I send an email outlining the key action points we discussed and providing any contacts, links and further information to look at to move your business forwards in a way that is aligned to you.
  • Then you have 7 days to ask follow-up questions by email.


I’m Susanna Reay, an award-winning business coach, visual strategist, writer, and speaker who’s been bringing clarity, focus and structure into small businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups for over 20 years. 

I believe that running a business should be fun, empowering and led with integrity and my mission is to help the unseen be seen, heard and respected!

I'm introverted in nature so understand how draining a lot of business activities can be when they're not aligned to who we are, which is why all my tools and techniques are designed to align with exactly who you are right now.  

Longer Support Option

  • Many clients choose to join The Spark Space - the business accelerator mastermind that provides weekly support, accountability and action-taking needed to progress the ideas we discuss in your private session.

Susanna's knowledge still astounds me. What Susanna doesn't know - we don't need to know!



a few more testimonials..

After 1 session... Tracy was into immediate and effective action

My 'Blue Spark Strategy' session with Susanna has – I'm happy to report – lit a fire cracker beneath my rear end and catapulted me into immediate and effective action, with steam coming out of both ears! It was incredibly helpful in all sorts of ways and has left me feeling very motivated, inspired, excited, focused and clear on exactly what I need to do next! Most useful was the opportunity to look at everything I do, piece by piece – all the things I’m most passionate about, even if I’m not yet earning from all of these – and then to start finding ways to bring all of these threads together into a coherent and commercially-viable whole. In this, Susanna is helping me to identify my uniqueness and then more effectively market that to the rest of the world. I can highly recommend Susanna as an essential support to any new businesses wanting to extend their reach and increase their impact online. She has all the right skills, knowledge and experience and is also wonderfully warm, generous, encouraging and positive.

Tracy Starreveld

After 1 session ... Alanah set up her first live challenge and sold out subsequent workshops!

I was unsure about how to develop my online business but, after a Blue Spark Strategy Session with Susanna, we developed my "Online Business Blueprint" and I now have a clear vision in place and know which action steps I need to take. Susanna style is relaxed and informative and I found the session fun and exciting as she listened to my ideas and the plan developed

Alanah Light

I'd love to connect!

Susanna Reay

If you are looking for friendly and fun support to build your online, course, membership, or service package offers, then reach out and we can discuss what working together could look like. 

I promise to guide you forwards with clarity and focus so that you can confidently grow your business to have the impact you dream of.

"It’s time to feel energised, in flow, and set sparklers off in your business!" Susanna Reay


and even more testimonials...

Morena found clarity for her offers

I contacted Susanna as I needed some clarity on my workshops offerings. Her Blue Spark Session was extremely useful. We went though my current offering, Susanna helped me understand the value of the different packages and suggested the best solutions I should offer. This is just the beginning, as I would love for Susanna to guide me through putting these ideas in practice and delivering the new packages I am planning to offer. If you're unsure about how you should be packaging your services, their value etc, I definitely recommend the Blue Spark Session with Susanna. She's so knowledgeable and can help achieve your goals.

Morena Fiore Kirby

Marian loved feeling back in control

A session with Susanna is like a breath of fresh air for your business. She can cut through all the noise there is. Hand over, like hot bread, great ideas for both visibility and tips on how to manage your social media from a being-less-overwhelmed position. This is want I need as a highly sensitive person and she is gifted this woman.

Marian Joos

Rachael felt seen, heard and empowered

Before I spoke with Susanna I had some general ideas about the direction I was thinking of developing my business.  Pretty high level and non-specific, unexamined.  She made it easy to connect and demonstrated an attitude of empathy and genuine interest in my situation.  Susanna listened thoughtfully and suggested a really practical, effective and achievable next step.  Afterwards I felt seen and heard and empowered.  Definitely a worthwhile conversation to have with an inspiring woman.
Rachael Skyring

Rachael Skyring