Let's get started!

1. Download, read then print out page 6 of the Worksheet PDF. Keep this by you all this week - that is super important.

2. Download and save the colour chart to your phone or computer

3. JOIN the FACEBOOK GROUP to watch the introductory video at 11am BST (London). The replay will be on the page afterwards.

4. Everyday at 11am BST this week, I will go live with colour insights, tasks and inspiration to add to your journaling if you wish... but the journal is key to the week, so if you can only do ONE thing this week, do that.

5. Mark 10am BST in your calendar to join my results webinar - Bring your paper and pen with you. Come ask your questions and see what your journal says about you. The replay will be uploaded to the group within 24 hours.

See you on the inside!




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