Colours in Location

Colours in Location

Colours in location can have a huge effect on your emotions.

Have you noticed how when you go away to a new country on holiday that the light is different? Light plays a huge part in how we perceive colour. Locations change how we see colours as colour is light. 

I spent three years living in the South of France where the great impressionist artists created some of their most iconic pieces of art - Cezanne and Van Gogh being among the most well known.

The light in the South of France is magical. It makes the landscape sing with colour. These artists were not "making up colours" in their paintings but really painting all they saw in front of them. 

I lived another three years close by Monet's gardens at Giverny in Normandy, where my first child was born. Visiting his gardens throughout the year was a joy which I shared with our many visitors.

Looking back over my much-travelled life, my sensitivity to colour has left very strong colour memories in my head of the many places I have lived and the colours that stood out to me in those locations.

Here is just a snippet of these memories:

SEATTLE: Huge green trees extending forever into the sky... especially when you are only 4 years old!

Tree canopy seattle

SYDNEY: Purple Jacaranda trees, yellow sandy beaches and blue skies.

Sydney Jacaranda

GIVERNY: Home of Monet's waterlilies.. and green apples and pink cherry blossom. 

100 0035

BASEL: Red brick town hall and green green hills with black and white cows.

100 0002

BOISE: Intense blue skies with yellow grasses and vibrant autumnal leaves.

Colour destination article: Boise, Idaho

MONTPELLIER: Sunsets that set the skies on fire (see top photo). Soft  olive groves with dry sands. Then the soft, soft tones of the flamingoes on the Camargue. Quite a sight to have a flamingo fly over you!

MPL 25

OXFORD: Bluebell woods in the springtime, and the summer explosion of colour in all the gardens filled with flowers. 

IMG 2825

I have lived in many places, and travelled to far more, and every stop along the way I have let the colours around me infuse into me to be retrieved at a later date. To me one of the greatest joys of travel is documenting the colours through my love of photography. 

The colours of Marrakesh in Morocco cemented themselves in me from my visit as a 14 year old who had a local Prince asking for my hand in marriage! At the point Dad started bartering me for camels, he backed away fast! Moroccan men seem to fancy themselves somewhat...

My combined professional studies and training in Psychology, Art, Art History, Textile Design and an MBA have led me create this website and service to you as a Colour Expert & Business Catalyst.

As colour must be involved in the business strategy, these two are intertwined. 

This is my way to share with you all the aspects of colour that I have gathered over the years and help bring greater joy into your life through understanding colour and learning how to use in the way that is right for you.

I hope you join me on the voyage of discovery into the world of colour and what colour can give to us in the business environment.

Written by Susanna Reay
June 8, 2018


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