Golden Visibility

7 Chapters 39 Lessons Beginner

About this course

This third lesson looks at your Brand Persona. Branding is a huge area, and your brand can take a long time to fully evolve. 

Before you start getting more visible, it is wise to have some brand basics in place first:

  • How do you show yourself in your brand?
  • What is your focus?

Defining your Brand Persona is the 3rd vital step to Golden Visibility. 

Course Structure

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How to.. Videos 4 Lessons

How To Use: Pixlr Editor

Pixlr Editor opens Photoshop files and is free to use.. so when you only have occasional need to touch up photos, then try this!

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Intropreneur Masterclasses & Interviews 7 Lessons

Authentic Selling for Introverts

Summer Tannhauser joined me in the Introverts Powerhouse to talk about a method of selling that really helps introverts - we know as we are both introverts and have followed this approach with great success.

INTERVIEW: Sabine Schmelzer talks about Video marketing

Sabine Schmelzerjoined me as my guest to talk more about the benefits of using video in marketing and the rise of Interview Marketing that is a great way to start as you will naturally be more relaxed.
We were testing how easy the free version of Streamyard is to bring guests onto your Facebook Page - and it proved super simple - check out Streamyard here

INTERVIEW: Tamsin Regnes, a Myers Briggs Practictioner

Find out how others tock and learn what all those letters in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator Test actually mean from an expert! 

If you want to do a fast free test - check out

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Best of... Weekly Wisdom Episodes 12 Lessons

Arghh! What to say when I go live?

Step over that stumbling point with these key tips to get you pressing "START BROADCAST"

"Give it a try!" whispered the heart

WHY do we do what we do? WHY do you get up everyday and work on your business?

Journey into the Spotlight

Looking back over 2018 and seeing the journey in hindsight

The Entrepreneurs Rainbow

Discover my colourful sales funnel that helps you connect deeper with your audience - the entrepreneurs rainbow is an exciting new take on something that can get a little boring...

All About Your Homepage

Top tips for laying out your Home Page