Creative Work Flow Tools

How do you organise your work flows ?

I still use pen and paper a lot for first ideas though - the artist in me will never go completely digital! 

I collect all the out of the ordinary notebooks along the way as well as working outside of a ruled notebook is far better for my brain it seem. The one below is circular with shading that is off central, but I find this spurs me on to show processes and ways of thinking. 

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When it comes to digital and syncing between devices, I use Evernote Premium a lot, but have recently started using Milanote as well as it's a lovely visual tool that I prefer to others I have tried due to it's flexible pin board approach. 

MilaNote Board

MilaNote Board set up to show a client persona

The option to move the boards around and add in photos, create flow diagrams etc appeals a lot to me.

They really have the creative brain in mind with this one. 

This screenshot shows a board I created with Client Persona details created. Each section is easy to add to as you think of more descriptions.

The advantage of using digital tools is the ease and speed to convert into social posts and presentations for clients. 

Which tools do you connect most with for planning and note-taking?

As one thing is sure and that is we have to find the tools that work for us.

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Written by Susanna Reay
June 17, 2019


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