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Package Your Expertise To Scale, the Introvert Way™

28 March 2022

Susanna Reay

Hosted by Susanna Reay

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The Live Business Breakthrough Day Where You Leave With 

Your Entire Online Business Framework Mapped on One Sheet of Paper


Create Your Social Stack For Unstoppable Momentum

(we do this on the day together, so you have an actionable content)

Walk Away With an Exact Plan to Scale Your Business online, The Introvert Way™


This isn't Just theory, But Actionable Content You Do On The Day

Whether you’re just getting started, or you’re already established and making 5 figures (or more!), this one sheet of paper can help you add a zero to your business in the next 12 months or less. Because during our day together, you’re going to discover exactly how to get more people, to invest more money in you, more often.

Susanna's knowledge still astounds me. What Susanna doesn't know - we don't need to know!




These days, there’s a lot of conflicting advice about how to grow your business online.

Webinars. Podcasts. Instagram. SEO. YouTube. Livestreams. Facebook ads. Funnels. Products...

Every day you’re being pointed in a million different directions.

So like most entrepreneurs, you try and go down a bunch of different paths at the same time.

You work crazy hours and make a ton of sacrifices, all while crossing your fingers that just ONE of these paths will result in the income you desire and the impact you dream of making.

You know you’re here to make a difference in the world, but no matter how many hours you work, it seems like your business is just inching forward.

It may even feel like you’re going backwards at times.

You know something needs to change, but you also know that another strategy or tactic can’t be the answer.

But all that can change, and it starts with one day ... 

.... where you set the ball in motion to elevate your business


Your Social Stack - discover and create your bespoke social post stack that sets you up for unstoppable momentum and continual ideas to bring qualified leads through your doors. You will have instant ideas to implement at the end of the day.

Join Us at ELEVATE!

Mapping Your Business Framework with Susanna Reay

The Only Focused Mastermind Accelerator Where You Leave With Your Entire Online Framework Mapped on One Sheet of Paper

"Susanna is the lady with that magic wand!"

"Susanna breaks down each bitesize piece of what is needed into logical steps. It makes it easy to formulate a plan much quicker than being left to 'think big'. If you want to clarify your message and ideas, Susanna is the lady with that magic wand! She gets you to think more laterally than you ever thought you could."

Anna Allan

"Best investment of my time since I started my business 7 years ago."

"Like many business owners, I have ideas about how I can grow my business online but rarely have the time to focus on these without distraction.
Dedicating one day of my time with Susanna in her one day Elevate! Online Mastermind helped me to focus on honing my Big Message and gave me an action plan to take forward.
Susanna's style suited me well as an introvert and I achieved far more in one day than I thought I would do. I highly recommend Susanna Reay, she has given me clarity on my Online Business Pathway. I can honestly say the day was the best investment of my time since I started my business 7 years ago."

Linda Huckle

Linda took advantage of the Blue Sky Strategy Session Offer at booking, so after the day we met and dug down into the detail of her pathway. Linda has now launched her new membership successfully, that was created as a result of attending Elevate!



  • YOUR CORE PREMISE IDENTIFIED in a way that just makes sense, sums up your unique promise, and inspires people to commit to take action every time they hear what you do
  • YOUR UNIQUE BUSINESS FRAMEWORK A unique-to-you framework that displays your knowledge visually, and outlines exactly what you sell, and stays in the minds of listeners for weeks, if not years to come. 
  • CRYSTAL CLARITY & CONFIDENCE on what to do every single day to give you unstoppable momentum … so you can spend less time selling and more time doing what you love.



Attending this day will ignite your business by providing the focus that you have been missing.  Expect to say: “I wish I had this sooner." (But, don’t worry, now is just the right time to start too!)

Whether you are just starting your business online, or been trying to sell packages online for a while, this day will meet you exactly where you are at.

In our time together we will focus on creating a strategy that is perfectly aligned with

  • where you are right now
  • how you wish to serve your clients
  • the packages you wish to sell
  • how to balance your energies for success

"A very valuable day!"

"I felt like a lot of pennies dropped and the bigger picture for my business became clearer of each product for each step of the pathway - very valuable! 
If you want to get clear on what your big message is and how you can convey this, on and offline, and come out of the day knowing what the pathway looks like for your prospects and clients to engage with and buy from you - Elevate! is definitely the place for you! "

Kathy Hayman

After the event, Kathy revisited her whole business pathway and pivoted the direction she was going in and now feels in complete alignment with her ongoing business strategy that will Elevate! her business in the upcoming years.


"It was a brilliant day!"

"I loved the simplicity but genius of the pathway and the importance of my big message. It still needs work but I'm closer now. This is a well thought through, practical day that will have you closer to your goal of launching your online business. I thoroughly recommend it."

Joanna Rawbone


is happening at your desk in Zoom!

Elevate! Event Schedule

Date: Monday, 28 March 2022

Time: 09:30 - 14:30 (all times London, UK)

Elevate! Timetable

Session 1: 09:30 - 11:00

20 minute break

Session 2: 11:20 - 12:40

20 minute break

Session 3: 13:00 - 14:30

Recordings of all trainings will be available to attendees, the week after the event. 

Investment: £197

To recap quickly, at the end of the day...

  • you will walk away with your Core Premise identified and 1 page business framework in your hand so that you can package and sell your knowledge with ease.
  • Crystal Clarity & Confidence on what to do every single day to give you unstoppable momentum with your social stack and goals laid out. 
  • you will be inspired and full of energy having worked on your business, and gained some new business buddies to cheer you on!

Registration Now Open

This is the day you take immense action for your business and create bespoke visual frameworks that will sell your offers.

What to Expect Working With Susanna 

Jane loved the individual help ...

Susanna has your best interests at heart. She is always ready to assist, encourage and inspire you to take the bigger actions your business needs. She gives you detailed individualised help and very obviously loves her work with in turn transfers to her clients. 

Susanna gave me the encouragement to just keep going. I do something very intensely for a few weeks then I need to pull back a bit to recover and take care of myself, I need to pull back and look after myself. I am very happy to have worked with you Susanna, thank you very much. Jane Adlington

I really like your small group programs, feeling how I need to make important things first then trying to improve things slowly. You post on insta about art today is wow. You are an artist in your business, true. Understanding us ... helping us.

Come join amazing woman, led by Susanna, who can help you clear your business idea and also support you with her deep knowledge about technical stuff. Beside that Susanna is really good listener and she'll call you back if she sees that she find something more that's good for you to do.” Mojca

"A session with Susanna is like a breath of fresh air for your business. She can cut through all the noise there is. Hand over, like hot bread, great ideas for both visibility and tips on how to manage your social media from a being-less-overwhelmed position. This is want I need as a highly sensitive person and she is gifted this woman." Marian

Ann-Katrin Van Schie

"Susanna is able to make you think of different ways on how to structure your work and your approaches in a simple, down to earth and super affective ways.

She challenges you to think out of the box by staying true to yourself and to not feel overwhelmed... her training felt as if we would sit face to face and have a conversation on how to get my business out there and to be more seen, rather then being lectured.

And on top of it all, all this happened with a lot of fun, too. Attending the training - listening to the videos and following up on the tasks brought joy, motivation and encouragement." Ann-Katrin

"I had been working for days on my landing page, and I knew I needed the professional, experienced help of someone who understands what I am doing. I felt a bit lost...afraid that the value I created would be mediocre presented… At the end of our session, I felt uplifted and I trusting that this will be good! The help Susanna provided in such a short time was super valuable. Susanna is a great person to brainstorm with, very clear and to the point." Cecile

With her genius and patient personality, understanding, empathy and a stunning in depth knowledge, encompassing lots of different details that are important when you feel lost and overwhelmed in the very beginning, she inspires you with an inner abundance of ideas and expertise which is absolutely outstanding – Just amazing!!!

You have to experience this otherwise it is impossible to imagine her kind of didactic approach to numerous subjects of the course she is proficient in. If you are looking for something similar… well I am convinced it does NOT exist as … at least for me…. Her structure and comprehensive kind of teaching is just UNIQUE! Susanna will prepare you to have the right inner mind-set that makes you shine in the outer world. Wow…. She works from the bottom of her heart, creating a vision and giving you the strategy for your future or already existing business that will make you feel sure so that you will be ready to take action in the outer world." Maria

"Susanna is very friendly person and knows exactly about the problems of introvert and creative minds. She helps you with your good ideas to move forward and create better Facebook Page and more interaction with your clients and colleagues and other helpful people. You will notice a move in your business" Susanne

"As an introvert who is often overwhelmed by all the tasks I put myself on the plate, Susanna delivers the best strategies and tools not only organise myself better but also learn to focus on only some goals and reach them. She is a very warm person and an experienced teacher, always there to answer questions and help." Beate

You will be blown away by Susanna’s amazing knack of coming up with personalised ways of getting you moving forward. She has a sharp intuition for business and a really infectious enthusiasm.” Debra

"I was feeling overwhelmed, drained and stressed out with a pile of tasks that I didn't know how to handle and I thought Susanna could help me handle it in a different way. I feel happy that I reached out to her, now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I have a plan to get my daily task accomplished with grace and ease and no stress. Many thanks Susanna!" Veronica

"I love working with Susanna and you will too! Her course materials are superb, her masterclasses are a joy and Susanna brings a wealth of expertise, warmth and approachability that makes you feel confident to be visible. I admire what you do Susanna, how confident, engaging and supportive you are; how effortless you make running your course seem when I can see how much work has gone into producing it all; how you take everything in your stride, eg, when your laptop or other device suddenly plays your own voice to you in the middle of a Live you take that vulnerability in your stride and it makes me relax into the course and feel I don't have to be perfect and yet it is perfect; above all, the confidence you've inspired in me is priceless. If you get the opportunity to work with Susanna definitely go for it!” Debra