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Map Your Expert Business with Susanna Reay

If an online course is in your business future, attend this session.

15 FEBRUARY 2022

10:00 - 11:30 GMT (London)

Map Your Expert Business

a FREE "get-it-done" workshop with Susanna Reay

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15 FEBRUARY 2022

10:00 - 11:30 GMT (London)

In one value-filled session, you will map out your expert business so you are never at a loss again on what to focus on, to grow your business online. 

Attendees at the last live workshop shared at the end:

  • Such fantastic training!
  • It’s been fabulous
  • Absolutely brilliant training
  • It really helps hearing others’ examples
  • Gives clarity, love the breaking it down into small steps
  • Absolutely loved today - Would highly recommend it!

This isn't a sit back and learn webinar - this is an INTERACTIVE workshop where you are "getting-it-done" right in the 90 minutes we have together. 

In fact I will not be saying very much at all. 

You will be hands-on, brain-engaged, doing the work in this hour.


Tourist Map with Couple Discussing

If you’re anything like me, when you go on holiday, one of the first things you do is get a tourist map of the area to work out what to see and do while you are there. Maps are great, they give us guidance and direction. I’m a sociable introvert, so I love heading out, but I need to manage my energies. A map helps me do this. 

In a knowledge based business, it’s no different, people need a map to understand what it is you do. You need a map to stay focused. 

But it can’t be any map, it needs to be clearly laid out, show the possibilities, bring curiosity and excitement that results in action.

We start with a no-fluff, high value, super powerful training at the start (arrive 5 minutes before as I start fast).

Then it will be over to you to complete the task in hand (bring pen and paper) 

Ending with an open forum to ask questions and get feedback on your progress. 

PLEASE NOTE! This free event is LIVE only.

Why? Because if you are not there, you will not take action!

The biggest issue I see many introverted business owners who are stagnating and not fulfilling their dreams is because they don't move from knowledge into ACTION. They spend too long THINKING and not enough DOING.


I don't want that for you. 

My promise you, if you promise to ring fence the hour to be with me, is that you will walk away with a powerful map of your expert business in front of you. 

We don't grow by consuming knowledge. We grow by taking action. - Susanna Reay (tweet this!)

By joining me live, taking action and mapping out your expert business, you will leave with a clear simple plan in place that will carry you through the whole of next year and well beyond that!

This map will support your goal to commit to the growth of your business.

This map will bring you confidence and reduce overwhelm.

Join us for 90 minutes of action taking

Are you with us?

Susanna Reay The Introvert Way® Mission

Your Host:

Hello! If we haven’t met before, I'm Susanna Reay, an Online Business Coach, Digital Course Expert, Author and Speaker and sociable introvert. 

I support introverted & overwhelmed business owners create high value service offers that connect with their clients, while maintaining their own energy boundaries to avoid burnout so that they can achieve the sustainable income and lifestyle they desire. 

As the founder of The Introvert Way® online training programs, I’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and start-ups globally since 2006.

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