What do you need to accomplish today?

I work with brilliant introvert entrepreneurs, like you, who have amazing products and services to share with the world. You are ready to take action and step up into the spotlight to grow your business. 

The only problem is, you have been trying for a long time to be seen and to make a living with your talent.

  • You are stuck in overwhelm and procrastination. 
  • Your energy drains away every time you get online.
  • You know you have to get out there, but you are not sure how. 

You need to take control of your time so you can spend time creating and earning. You know you need to take action now.

Together, we build your visibility in a comfortable, controlled way to gain followers and customers, without burning out. You will connect with your audience in an authentic way, setting up a sustainable business marketing strategy.

Golden Visibility provides the framework for you to follow to take you from standing on the sidelines watching others gain success to taking a piece of that spotlight.

Being Visible helps your customers

  • Trust you as a reliable source 
  • See you as the expert that can help them
  • Like you, your offer, and sense if it feels right for them
  • Studio Vinari
    Understand how you can help them
  • Studio Vinari
    Consider investing in you, your product

The overarching question you need answered is

“How do you show up as your real self, be confident, and attract customers to your offer?”

Would you like to...

  • Stop hiding from your audience?
  • Be visible without draining all your energy?
  • Beat social media overwhelm?
  • Create a content strategy that works for your business?
  • Get going with Live Video for your business?

You may have tried other online coaches, but discovered that they did not give you the structure that worked with your energy patterns as an introvert. Others did not get how you need to balance your time.

As introverts, we need to look after our health and energy as much as the income and ring-fence creative time.

That’s the exact reason I created Golden Visibility to take you from being frozen and standing on the sidelines watching others success to taking a piece of that spotlight showcasing your products and services.

“Everyone shines, given the right lighting” ~ Susan Cain

Author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.

During Golden Visibility you will learn how to build your online visibility with colourful support tools to streamline your social media posts.


  • kick procrastination away
  • stop overwhelm
  • stop hiding
  • step up with confidence
  • create instant connections with your people

Golden Visibility stops you from hiding your talent and brings visibility to you and your business so that you can step up with confidence and build a successful business.


Golden Visibility defines the power of colours that will create instant connections with your audience and support your communication.

Ultimately it is about building your confidence and visibility without going into overwhelm and procrastination.



Golden Visibility  is for introvert entrepreneurs who are struggling with showing themselves as part of their business and need help to build confidence and use productivity tools to stop overwhelm in social media.

This program is designed for you because …


  • You get focused training in every lesson, working on your specific goals within a framework that builds your visibility consistently.
  • You have access to my colour expertise to ensure your message is amplified to the greatest extent, receiving feedback in weekly Q&A sessions.
  • Fast progress can be achieved by implementing actionable tasks in the sequence they are presented.
  • It will take you from a seed in the ground, still growing roots, into a tall shining sunflower that’s the star of the garden.

"It’s time to grow your Golden Visibility Wings. I believe in your ability to fly." ~ Susanna Reay

What you will Learn

  • How to clarify your brand message so you can connect with your audience in an authentic way
  • Set up a sustainable business marketing strategy. Go from never showing your face, to confidently talking live on your page every week
  • Incorporate energy-conserving techniques in your week so you will have renewed energy to spend time doing what you love
  • Studio Vinari
    Personal feedback on submitted tasks  so you can be confident in describing your product or service
  • Studio Vinari
    Discover the power of colours that will create instant audience connection to amplify your communication strategy


  • 12 Video lessons to work through at your own pace
  • PDF worksheets to download to support the lessons
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions to answer your questions and give support and feedback on your progress
  • Online support community - a closed safe space to share ideas and support others in the program
  • Celebration of weekly wins and steps taken

Course Structure

It is important to follow the lessons in sequence as they build upon each other. Previous participants thought they 'knew' some of the initial stages, then had to back track as we got further in.

Throughout all lessons, the instruction is aimed at the introvert personality, making this course unique.

Lessons are held within a private members space, allowing you to watch the lessons in your own time, then bring your questions to my weekly Q&A in the Facebook community, and a monthly face-face Zoom meeting to get strategic questions answered.

  • Lesson 1. Spheres of Influence
  • Lesson 2: Energy & Visibility Orbits
  • Lesson 3: Defining your Brand Persona
  • Lesson 4: Incorporating your User Persona
  • Lesson 5: Colours to Support You
  • Lesson 6: Colours to Promote Your Business
  • Lesson 7: Finding Your Social Media Home
  • Lesson 8: Setting up Facebook
  • Lesson 9: Content Strategy Part 1
  • Lesson 10: Content Strategy Part 2
  • Lesson 11: Scheduling Secrets
  • Lesson 12: Powerful Connections


  • MASTERCLASS: Website Structure 
  • MASTERCLASS: Creating Your Power Statement
  • MASTERCLASS: Starter Tips for Going Live
  • 16 Emotive Colours (PDF), Colour Theory 101 (PDF) 
  • Brand Palette Website Demonstration (VIDEO)
  • Setting up Mailchimp Demonstration (VIDEO)

At the end of the program, you will be:

  • Clear and confident in your offer, projecting it to a wide audience
  • In full action mode - no more overwhelm and procrastination
  • Start attracting new clients on a regular basis

What that means for you is, you will have all the tools you need to go from a seed in the ground, still growing roots, into a tall shining sunflower that’s the star of the garden!

Susanna Reay, Visibility Coach

Formal design & business qualifications combined with a speciality in colour psychology allows me to bring a unique perspective to your visibility and ability to attract customers.

What I know for sure is that the majority of introvert entrepreneurs are showing up the wrong way, as they struggle to follow fixed frameworks suited to the high-energy extrovert gurus out there.

Golden Visibility wings have been given to over 60 introverted entrepreneurs since launch in the summer of 2018.

Are you ready to grow your wings and fly?

Start Today!

With a few simple clicks you can get started on your path to

Golden Visibility

  $497 INSTANT lifetime access*

(or 2 payments of $275)

*As long as the course is running and maintained. If for any reason the material will no longer be available, you will be given 3 months notice to download all materials onto your computer for reference.

If you're an introvert struggling with overwhelm about the many possibilities just follow Susanna's lead. This program is the missing link between branding and the needs of introverted entrepreneurs to be visible without overwhelm.

Susanna is excellent in providing relevant advice that will help entrepreneurs go from hiding to calmly showing up using her simple to use and super effective tools. If you yearn to be visible but you don't have a clue as to where to start, this is your program!

Esther de Charon de saint Germain
Wonderfully Weird Branding Queen

The best online course I have ever done, it's just spot on and Susanna is so contagious in her support and enthusiasm!

That it was so spot on for my personality. The excellent resources. The joy and professionalism Susanna exuded from the videos.

If you are somewhat introvert - go and do the course, you'll never regret it!

Colour Consultant

Susanna, you are inspiring, helpful, consistent, you know a lot, it amazes me how much technical stuff you know, you keep the posts etc tidy, have structure. 

I went from "I can not do and don't know to what I CAN say/do/write down... (from nothing to something) 

Susanna is amazing in this course - she is a colour expert but also consistent, conscious, curious, confident.

Papercut Artist

Susanna's course materials are superb, her masterclasses are a joy and Susanna brings a wealth of expertise, warmth and approachability that makes you feel confident to be visible.

Golden Visibility content is amazing, professionally presented in a user friendly and engaging way.


If you get the opportunity to work with Susanna definitely go for it! I love working with Susanna, and you will too! 

Action on Womb Cancer

I want to thank you, Susanna, for this incredible and amazing online course. I didn't expect all the material and tips that you shared with us! You really helped me to take a leap and start my own online business! I was stuck, that's why I decided to take part to your course! You're a generous woman and a super professional coach!

In this last month I've started to use Facebook in a more professional way and make videos! I saw more engagement due to these videos!

As a result: I have more people interested in my job, my Facebook page is growing up in number, but with target clients and so it is my YouTube channel!

I'm learning to be more focused on my WHY; I'm learning to use social media (especially Facebook) in a more professional way. I'm learning the strategic importance of colours in my business (and business in general).

If you are thinking about this course, I would say take it, as it as a great opportunity to start something great for your business!

Teacher of foreign languages

The results from these weeks with the group and Susanna's support have been amazing and helped me boost my visibility! I am much more confident with both myself and my business now, thanks to this course. I gained insights in both my business visibility and marketing, as well as myself & how to grow! Keys wins were getting my colors, editing tools, and content strategy planning sorted.

GOLDEN VISIBILITY will give you all the tools and advice needed, so you can transform from a wallflower to the belle-of-the-ball. If you are unsure of what to do, or -like me- overwhelmed and do not know where to start: Join Susanna's course, do the work step-by-step and you will be glad you took did it!

Susanna is personal, warm and delightful to watch! The results from these weeks with the group and Susanna's support have been amazing and helped me boost my visibility for my starting out business through the roof! Thanks to you I now have a clear content strategy, with my branding colours and tools all worked out! I needed the framework you taught us; to do this first, then that. I already knew what I wanted to do/ had to do, but since so overwhelmed didn't get around to doing anything.

If you have the opportunity to join the Golden Visibility course with Susanna; DO IT! You will not be disappointed. The support and information from her, the experts and the group are amazing, and will help you to create "golden visibility" for yourself and your business!

Fibre Artist

I love Susanna's confident, clear and very warm-hearted way to explain different topics. The content of this course was to the point, highly efficient and I have gained more clarity about the use of colour for my brand. Susanna pushed me out of my comfort zone and I feel much more confident now, to become more visible online. Thank you very much Susanna for this fantastic course.

JOIN if you want to get more clarity about the impact of your colours and being more confident going on Facebook live.

Golden Visibility Client

Thanks for your professional content. You are a PERFECT online teacher and I really like listening to your well explained videos I appreciate your presentations and videos A LOT.

Thank you for the excellent course materials including fantastic masterclasses and your dedicated mentoring approach which was brilliant. Your in depth knowledge about the modules you are teaching is admirable.

My enthusiasm for colours woke up again. Your summaries and the pdf sheets going with the videos were excellent.

Golden Visibility Member

I loved the fact that everything was so structured, it really helped to put my ideas into some sort of order. Susanna's open and helpful nature made it so easy to ask for advice which was always delivered in a timely and practical way. Susanna is so motivating and her relaxed but structured approach has brought order to my ideas on how to get my business moving again. 
Thank you Susanna!

I love the fact that you present yourself as a ‘real person’ which makes asking questions and advice comfortable and easy. The best part for me was being given a structure through the units, ‘going live sessions’ and Susanna's direct feedback.

The course left me feeling excited and inspired to get going ... I have gone from having a bundle of muddled ideas to a list of actions.

If you have a bucket full of ideas and don’t know where to start, this course will give you inspiration, structure and direction.

Business English Communications Coach

It is worth to join this course as you learn so much in an inspirational way. Susanna is a talented leader through visibility. I'm lucky having joined this amazing Golden Visibility course!

Thank you Susanna. I have learnt so much about visibility, about colors and magic! I'm happy to have been part of your course.

Business Medium

There were many parts that were very useful for me, I feel I was lacking some structure in the past. I now have a better idea on how to tackle my online presence.

It was great seeing that I am not the only one going through similar fears.

You are great at teaching and making us feel comfortable about what we are learning, thank you!

It was a great course, full of many insights and very rich in content as well as clear. I felt very comfortable at all times, and I feel learned a lot in a very short time.

Golden Visibility Member

I know I can help you be confident and visible in your business, so please reach out and ask me any questions you may have about Golden Visibility - whether it is right for you where you are at now, or just more details. I'd love to hear from you.

I know I can help you be confident and visible in your business.

Let's do this!


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