How An Introvert Became Happy Selling

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If you have been following me for any time at all, you will know that I often state if you have no income in your business then it is just an expensive hobby. 

How we go from a hobby to a business is by learning to SELL. The biggest shock strangely to many entrepreneurs in the making is when reality hits and they say

“I just had no idea how much of being an entrepreneur was sales & marketing!”

Yes, I said those horrible words we introverts like to avoid... selling... sales .. marketing - we all don't want to feel "Salesy" or Icky, Slimy, Gross as my Sales Coach, Kendrick Shope says. 

As here's the thing. When you are getting started online, and you don't have a lot of clients (or any), so much of your time is spent working out WHERE your clients are, HOW you can best be of service and what offer to SELL to them to solve this need or desire. 

  • it doesn't matter how amazingly talented you are... if no-one knows what you do (and I love that you are talented as that will make the going way much easier later on)
  • it's not enough to just create a website and set up your Social media accounts ... 
  • it's also not enough to write a blog post and share that with your list every week (though that is important)

What you need is the ABILITY TO SELL

You can not expect people to just come and buy from you. Having a website, social presence, a good blog or podcast are all important building blocks. But you need to sell at the end.

  • You need to know how to connect in your customer's language. Work out what your customer's really want - and explain it in their words, letting them understand the transformation you provide
  •  You need to know how to hold a sales conversation that feels good (not pushy) which shows the VALUE of what you offer
  • You need to know how to handle the negative responses on a call when the client says "I can't afford it" or "I need to think about it" and then you never hear back.... You need to know HOW to follow-up after first contact is made.

The difference learning to sell authentically has made in my business

Three years ago I made the decision to get serious with my business. And that meant that I needed to start investing in my business. 

I am my business.

So I needed to invest in myself.

Get up to speed in the new way of working online, breakthrough barriers of confidence that were holding me back and to finally learn how to sell. Selling was the final frontier for me, I had put this off for ages. Marketing is in my zone of genius, as is organisation and design. I love all that. 

But working on my own, means I need to be my sales division too. 

Selling the Introvert Way.

What I mean by this is to find a way that sat authentically with my personality and meant that I could have the deep connections I want with my clients, but without the huge energy drain I had associated with sales techniques of the past (think used car salesman... eeek, no).

And the truth is until I learnt how to sell authentically I wasn't getting any sales that were worthy of defining a business.

Pocket money? yes. Business? no. 

I struggled and sweated and panicked before every call I needed to make, rehearsing what I should say over and over in my head and then saying something completely different when on the call... and walking away empty handed.

I was tired and frustrated and didn't get it.

Then last summer, I was introduced to Kendrick Shope and her free video training series. In this she started talking about my 'guardrail' and how you have to know where your limits are. This is about listening to your own personal stop points when it comes to selling. 

She got me - right then.

No sales coach before had actually talked about concepts, techniques and scripts that could be adjusted to my way of being.

The quieter way of selling. 

This included the importance of sales script on your website, social media and most importantly what you do in follow up... by email.  How I could actually get MORE sales by using the methods I preferred. This was what I needed.

Yes, it was a big investment.

It was a serious step into believing in myself and my business. 

But the time was right for me in my business to start stepping up and sharing all I have to offer. 

I hold my hand up here to say that normally I don't get on well with extrovert business coaches as their expectations and methods just don't suit me.

It is normally all too overwhelming. Drains my energy completely. 

It doesn't take more than a glance at Kendrick's photo below to know that she is a huge extrovert... 

So what made me sign up? 

I listened to her free training video series and it spoke to me. I made LOTS of notes. It was all amazing and the best bit was I could action her steps right away. From her FREE training. Kendrick knows her stuff for sure. 

She then did a crazy (in my head) 24 hour non-stop marathon coaching session - where I joined and got my questions answered live. 

I highly recommend you reach out to a sales coach if

  • you know what your business is, but haven't managed to get those sales rolling
  • you get nervous reaching out and talking to new clients
  • you think that sales is all about being pushy

Authentic Selling Community

Kendrick hosts a FREE Facebook community where she regularly coaches live, through out the year. So if you do one thing only having read  this blog then join the  Authentic Selling page right now to get year round free sales coaching. Between my group Introvert Entrepreneurs Powerhouse and hers - you will have everything you need to build your business online.

You can snag some free resources here: https://kendrickshope.com/free-resources/

REVIEW: Authentic Selling University (used to be Sales School) with Kendrick Shope

Kendrick is 100% heart and fully there for you.

I have been in several different high-end programs, and every other coach has kept their distance from those of us who had not signed up for their 5 figure masterminds. Kendrick is different.

  • She runs a lot of tutor times herself (with support team there AS WELL) at different times of the day so you can get to one wherever you are in the world. All are available on replay too.
  • You can share your copy directly with Kendrick on the call and get live feedback to keep you moving.
  • All you need to do is show up at the tutor times and Kendrick will be there singing and having fun while making sure you have everything you need. 

As an introvert, you may not wish to step forward and talk about your work... which is why I loved the ability to just ask Kendrick to open my Google Doc and read what I had written, then ask me questions on parts that are not clear. 

During a tutor time, Kendrick will often call on others in the tutor time who maybe your ideal client to give instant feedback on what they think of the copy. This feedback is priceless and genuine as everyone is in the learning space and understands the end goal. Sales School Students are encouraged to meet up and practice all they have learnt between each other (as well as in tutor times) as doing this in a friendly environment before trying with a "real prospect" takes away a lot of the nerves. 

Sales School Alumni Lounge

This is the program that keeps on giving. It is a big investment for many people at the start of their business, I know. But unlike other courses, the support does not stop at the end of the time and leave you high and dry.

Within the alumni community (that is included 100% in your initial fee), you get the opportunity to continually bring back new copy / offers / selling issues to both Kendrick in live tutor times, and community members for honest feedback. 

Having attended Sales School, and putting in all the work, I am now running a successful business. ~ Susanna Reay  

I'd love to hear from you

How comfortable are you with selling in your business right now?

If you think the time is right to get serious with selling, but want to ask me more about Sales School from my perspective, send me a email: info@susannareay.com

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Written by Susanna Reay
April 1, 2019


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