I talk to many introverted coaches who KNOW their expertise can literally change lives, but something is holding them back from their next breakthrough.And do you know what that “something” tends to be?They struggle to articulate the value of their offer in a way that people can understand.Consider these 2 scenarios:Scenario #1You’re booking a flight

What’s your goal as an entrepreneur? To make sales, right? And the best way to make sales is to talk to the person who wants the solution you are selling. Whether to make your brand one that polarises your audience has long been a discussion in marketing circles. This Harvard Business Review article, Make the Most

Thrivecart Learn is the new kid on the block, when it comes to online course platforms… but is it any good? Thrivecart Learn is an integrated course platform for users of the shopping cart system, Thrivecart and was launched on 6th October 2021. I have been a Thrivecart user for 5 years now, and love

7 key questions to ask yourself when thinking about creating an online course or membership site to scale your coaching business as an introvert.Should you create an online course or membership for your clients? Which is the better business model for your introverted nature? Lots of my introverted clients ponder this question, as they both come