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the strategic mastermind

for quietly determined, service-based business owners, coaches and consultants with big visions.

Stop searching for the missing piece in your business puzzle!

this mastermind is for you if are... 

  • a service-based business owner; a coach, consultant, or course creator looking to expand your business and align your offers with your energies
  • wanting to stop spinning the wheels and ending the days collapsed on the sofa as you have another day with no progress.
  • ready to commit, take action and finally show up consistently for your business and gain the success you've been dreaming of


  • having clients that are eager to pay your worth, as you turn your passion into your financial future
  • having your own business strategist on hand to provide step by step direction, cheering you along every step of the way
  • feeling seen, heard and respected for your expertise as you serve your audience in a way that suits your dream lifestyle

Susanna is a highly experienced professional coach. She delivers high-value content set within an easy to follow structure, guiding and supporting you skilfully in the process. Susanna can grasp the missing links and pinpoint what you cannot see as yet, and she will guide you with empathy and graceful patience, should you need to go in loops and comebacks. 

DanaGita Founder of the Awakened Voice Academy

The Problem

As much as you love your alone time, building a business all on your own can be very lonely. And a LOT of guesswork.  You have big dreams, but struggle to know what to do next to achieve them.

The Solution

A business mastermind focused specifically on growing your business online as an introvert entrepreneur, led by Susanna Reay, who has worked online and support entrepreneurs since 2006.

what is a mastermind?

A mastermind is a group where you support your peers and get strategic direction from your host. You get access to training material, but you do not have set trainings to follow, as each person follows their own path, and gets support to forge their way to success. 

introducing the

a strategic mastermind & support group 

for quietly determined service-based business owners growing their business online

but I feel lost in groups Susanna!

  • I hear you, as I do too. I often help others more than asking for myself. This is why I do things differently.
  • Everyone is given equal airtime and asked how they are doing, with the group size staying small, extra strategy groups will be created to keep the numbers low.
  • You are seen and heard in every strategy session to make sure you don't drift along in a daze
  • This is a safe space and what is said in the Powerhouse, stays in the Powerhouse, as we all respect each others struggles and cheer on our wins!

We meet in a small group twice a month to talk strategy, tactics and to keep you moving in the right direction. Think of it as hybrid coaching and technical support.

Why Become A Powerhouse Insider?

Be Inspired

Step into your innate superpower as you realise what draws people to you, and how you can display this across the internet to attract clients. Messaging is key, and needs to evolve with you.

Never Feel Alone Again

Connect with like-minded business owners on a similar path, share your struggles and wins as we all grow together in a connected, safe space. There will be mini-brainstorm sessions within the calls to connect with your fellow insiders.

Strategy for Success

Get clear strategic direction, from Susanna Reay, who has taken the steps you wish to implement. Get your foundation pieces in place with expert advice on hand in Zoom and through mini video trainings. Everyone is seen and heard, if needed multiple strategy groups will be created as numbers increase.

Monthly Momentum

With our regular momentum calls, you are guided with a loving hand for the best next move to take in your business. We take stock of your actions and realign as needed, focusing on what works and celebrating your wins. These sessions are supported with an Accountability Tracking document.


I can highly recommend Susanna as an essential support to any new businesses wanting to extend their reach and increase their impact online. She has all the right skills, knowledge and experience and is also wonderfully warm, generous, encouraging and positive.

Tracy Writer, Proofreader, CopyEditor

are you a perfectionist and over-thinker !?!

I hear you! As that's me too!

Overthinking is the bane of the entrepreneurial mind and the only way out of this is to take action.

But taking action on your own is tough. Stop second guessing and get strategic support that will move you from your thoughts and into real action that gets you skipping down the stairs in the morning.

  • how do I set up an online course or membership?
  • how to I use social media to grow my audience?
  • how do I launch my group program?
  • how do I set up an on-demand masterclass?
  • how do I create an evergreen course that sells?
  • what tech or software do you recommend to do X?

All these and more will get addressed through live strategy sessions, and recorded mini-trainings inside the Powerhouse library.

We were never meant to do it alone” Brené Brown

Strategic Direction + Practical Support

The Powerhouse Insiders are service-based business owners with a vision to create their ideally balanced life, by sharing their expertise through online group programs and high value services.

Powerhouse Insiders (PI's !) connect via Zoom on a regular basis ...

  • Monthly Strategy Sessions (2nd Tuesday at 2pm UK)
  • Monthly Momentum Calls (4th Tuesday at 2pm UK)

You also get access to the extensive Powerhouse Library:

  • Focused mini-training courses to set balls in motion, including the hot-off-the-press Touchpoint Offer Training
  • Templates to save you time and get results
  • Online Business Toolkit (one-stop tech shop)
  • Course Creation Template 
  • Introvert Week Planner
  • Your Roadmap to Success (5 day alignment course)
  • Focus 20:20 (Year Planning & Goal Setting Tool)
  • Magenta Marketing Method (how to find your people online)
  • 30+ Expert Masterclasses to inspire, educate and motivate 

You will be invited to be part of the bigger, open Introvert Entrepreneurs Powerhouse community on Facebook, where engagement will enhance your visibility and business growth.  

Regular Masterclasses are held live on Fridays at 2pm UK, and all recordings will be found in the Powerhouse Library after the event for your benefit. Belonging to the open community is purely optional, we also have a private connection hub, just for us.

Mini-training feedback

This is very clever and very helpful. Thank you Susanna. It is like confirmation to what I was planning to do this year but you just put it in such gorgeous compartments!

I feel great! Thank you so much!

Elma Ferreira

That has been really helpful, thank you. I tend to try to do too much in a time frame and this has helped me to plan this in a more structured, considered way

Tamsin Regnes

Susanna Reay with client planning next steps


Come along to our Zoom calls, cup of tea in hand, ask the questions that are pressing in your business, and I promise you will walk away with specific actions to implement that week in your business.

Share your wins and struggles, learn from fellow members, and grow new friendships. Everyone will get their question answered in our calls.

Between calls we have a private connection hub to ask questions of peers and quick queries to Susanna.



You have an immense power and knowledge within you, and it is my job as your business coach to help you recognise and step into this power. Have Susanna by your side as you launch your offers, build your portfolio and grow your client base.

If you've tried doing lots of things and nothing seems to work, it's time to shake things up and do it The Introvert Way!

Angelika Breukers

Before finding Susanna, I was totally frustrated and very stressed, feeling like no-one was hearing me. Then I was introduced to Susanna who really heard me, listened to my story and understood all I was trying to achieve. Susanna came up with practical solutions that where aligned to what I needed.

Angelika Life Coach

Susanna Reay London New York Henley Mug
About Your Host,

Susanna Reay

I work with introverted and HSP entrepreneurs in the service-based industry, to help them attract committed clients their high value online programs. I established the Introvert Entrepreneurs Powerhouse community in 2019 after a successful global online summit of the same name, which brought together 24 introvert experts and over 500 attendees from across 34 countries.

My specialty lies in my unique ability to take anything complicated, dissect it and put it back together in such a way that's easy to understand and implement. And because of this, my clients gain clarity and receive amazing results in the shortest amount of time. I believe that running a business should be fun, encouraging and led with integrity. With the proper commitment and clarity, signing up clients continuously comes naturally and organically.

I've worked with over 1000 introverted women globally since 2015, all from my home, and I am a regular keynote speaker at online summits aimed at empowering fellow introvert entrepreneurs, connecting with many experts to bring to the Powerhouse members.


Powerhouse Insiders Mastermind

Monthly Strategy Sessions

Sessions held every 2nd Tuesday (excluding August)- £4950 value 

Monthly Momentum Calls

Sessions every 4th Tuesday at 2pm (Excluding August and December) - £4500

Private Connection Hub

Quick questions can be asked through our private connection hub (not in Facebook)

Powerhouse Library

Over £4500 value, new trainings being added regularly

Exclusive Member Prices

When you need an extra private session, you can book in with Susanna at a discounted members rate, only available to Insiders

Total value over £15,000

12 Months Personal Support & Accountability


(payment plan available)

Access via application only to ensure you have the foundations in place to thrive and maintain small group integrity


How many people will be at the calls?

Powerhouse Insiders is a small group, high touch mastermind. I am known for making sure everyone is seen and heard, with time to share, as I invite everyone in the room to talk... and sometimes this maybe when you feel you have nothing to share... but when asked you will realise there is a question...but I will also respect your decision that week if you wish to sit quietly and listen.

We all promise to be quiet and respectful of each others space, and share the time equally.

There will be no one person allowed to monopolise the air time.

Currently I envisage the strategy calls having no more than 10 people at a time. I will create new Strategy calls on a 2nd Tuesday as needed to keep the numbers small and allowing time for all to be heard.  If we are 11+, 21+ etc Insiders, then an additional will start, the second call being at 9:30am on 2nd Tuesdays.  My focus is to give you the best experience ever and make this unlike any other mastermind you have attended.

Momentum calls will be run with all Powerhouse Insiders, but utilise breakout rooms to share in smaller groups, giving you the extra bonus to get to know your fellow members.

 I reserve the right to play this by ear, switch things round depending on who joins...  as being flexible is at the heart of everything I do, as well as ensuring everything is aligned to the needs of an introvert. 

When are the live coaching calls?

The live coaching calls happen on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays every month at 2pm London, UK time. There are no live calls in August or on the 4th Tuesday in December, as Susanna takes a break in these times and suggests that you do too!

Do get get lifetime access to the Powerhouse Library?

You have access to the Powerhouse Library for as long as you are a Powerhouse Insider. The information inside is constantly updated which takes time and includes immense value. During your initial membership, you will have more than enough time to digest and implement all the goodness that you find inside.

Are the coaching calls recorded if I can't make it?

Yes, coaching calls are recorded for catch-up purposes, but are only kept for 3 months after the session date, as sessions are all based on taking action, and you encouraged to ring fence the time in your schedule to attend to get the most out of being a Powerhouse Insider. From doing numerous trainings and hosting coaching calls, Susanna knows that people rarely go back beyond this time to watch sessions. 

Can I book extra private calls?

Yes, as a Powerhouse Insider, you get unique access to book extra 60 minute private coaching calls with Susanna at a discounted rate. Details for this will be in your MemberZone.

Can I get a refund?

Simply, no. No refunds are given as all sales are final as you gain instant access to a huge digital resource library, which alone is valued at more than the annual fee. I encourage you to reach out to Susanna with any questions BEFORE making your payment if you are uncertain as to whether this is the support you need. Email: support@susannareay.com

What to Expect Working With Susanna 

Jane loved the individual help ...

Susanna has your best interests at heart. She is always ready to assist, encourage and inspire you to take the bigger actions your business needs. She gives you detailed individualised help and very obviously loves her work with in turn transfers to her clients. 

Susanna gave me the encouragement to just keep going. I do something very intensely for a few weeks then I need to pull back a bit to recover and take care of myself, I need to pull back and look after myself. I am very happy to have worked with you Susanna, thank you very much. Jane Adlington

“I really like your small group programs, feeling how I need to make important things first then trying to improve things slowly. You post on insta about art today is wow. You are an artist in your business, true. Understanding us ... helping us.

Come join amazing woman, led by Susanna, who can help you clear your business idea and also support you with her deep knowledge about technical stuff. Beside that Susanna is really good listener and she'll call you back if she sees that she find something more that's good for you to do.” Mojca

"A session with Susanna is like a breath of fresh air for your business. She can cut through all the noise there is. Hand over, like hot bread, great ideas for both visibility and tips on how to manage your social media from a being-less-overwhelmed position. This is want I need as a highly sensitive person and she is gifted this woman." Marian

Ann-Katrin Van Schie

"Susanna is able to make you think of different ways on how to structure your work and your approaches in a simple, down to earth and super affective ways.

She challenges you to think out of the box by staying true to yourself and to not feel overwhelmed... her training felt as if we would sit face to face and have a conversation on how to get my business out there and to be more seen, rather then being lectured.

And on top of it all, all this happened with a lot of fun, too. Attending the training - listening to the videos and following up on the tasks brought joy, motivation and encouragement." Ann-Katrin

"I had been working for days on my landing page, and I knew I needed the professional, experienced help of someone who understands what I am doing. I felt a bit lost...afraid that the value I created would be mediocre presented… At the end of our session, I felt uplifted and I trusting that this will be good! The help Susanna provided in such a short time was super valuable. Susanna is a great person to brainstorm with, very clear and to the point." Cecile

With her genius and patient personality, understanding, empathy and a stunning in depth knowledge, encompassing lots of different details that are important when you feel lost and overwhelmed in the very beginning, she inspires you with an inner abundance of ideas and expertise which is absolutely outstanding – Just amazing!!!

You have to experience this otherwise it is impossible to imagine her kind of didactic approach to numerous subjects of the course she is proficient in. If you are looking for something similar… well I am convinced it does NOT exist as … at least for me…. Her structure and comprehensive kind of teaching is just UNIQUE! Susanna will prepare you to have the right inner mind-set that makes you shine in the outer world. Wow…. She works from the bottom of her heart, creating a vision and giving you the strategy for your future or already existing business that will make you feel sure so that you will be ready to take action in the outer world." Maria

"Susanna is very friendly person and knows exactly about the problems of introvert and creative minds. She helps you with your good ideas to move forward and create better Facebook Page and more interaction with your clients and colleagues and other helpful people. You will notice a move in your business" Susanne

"As an introvert who is often overwhelmed by all the tasks I put myself on the plate, Susanna delivers the best strategies and tools not only organise myself better but also learn to focus on only some goals and reach them. She is a very warm person and an experienced teacher, always there to answer questions and help." Beate

You will be blown away by Susanna’s amazing knack of coming up with personalised ways of getting you moving forward. She has a sharp intuition for business and a really infectious enthusiasm.” Debra

"I was feeling overwhelmed, drained and stressed out with a pile of tasks that I didn't know how to handle and I thought Susanna could help me handle it in a different way. I feel happy that I reached out to her, now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I have a plan to get my daily task accomplished with grace and ease and no stress. Many thanks Susanna!" Veronica

"I love working with Susanna and you will too! Her course materials are superb, her masterclasses are a joy and Susanna brings a wealth of expertise, warmth and approachability that makes you feel confident to be visible. I admire what you do Susanna, how confident, engaging and supportive you are; how effortless you make running your course seem when I can see how much work has gone into producing it all; how you take everything in your stride, eg, when your laptop or other device suddenly plays your own voice to you in the middle of a Live you take that vulnerability in your stride and it makes me relax into the course and feel I don't have to be perfect and yet it is perfect; above all, the confidence you've inspired in me is priceless. If you get the opportunity to work with Susanna definitely go for it!” Debra