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The introvert-friendly rocket fuel that will boost your business bottom line as you power-up to the next level and turn on cruise-control, The Introvert Way®

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The clients who find you, love your service 

But not enough people are finding you 

And that needs to change

Does this sound familiar?

  • You find yourself running around the internet, looking for people to serve, but feeling like your business is never going to take off as you've no more energy to give, you are at your limit.
  • It feels like you need to become someone who you are not to do all the things that are needed to create any results as the online 'gurus' are all spouting the same extroverted strategies.
  • You wake up dreading the "should-do" tasks ahead and wonder where your initial joy has gone to as you mull over endlessly why you don't have the success you dream of. 

you are just one-step away 

from the break-through

you've been searching for!


  • Sharing your coaching offers with complete clarity as you utilise powerful Conversion Frameworks™ that make talking about what you do a joy as you boost your confidence.
  • Having an engaged audience online that responds to your Magnetic Messages™ as you receive automatic sign-ups to your offers without endless conversations as you boost your influence.
  • Running a streamlined business following your Introvert Aligned Pathway™ that gives you time out to enjoy life and serve your full client list as you boost your bottom line.

Good news: You don’t have to be anything you’re not and you can still grow a business you’re proud of that makes you money.

There is a different way

The way you’re doing marketing is SO draining. It isn’t for you. At ALL.

Between the tech and the (over) sharing online, it just doesn’t fit right. And honestly, it doesn’t feel like you’re truly connecting with people this way.

I know how it feels to follow all the “experts’” advice only to have it feel…gross. Draining. Like a square peg in a round hole.

Being an introverted entrepreneur is a superpower - you just need to know how to use it. How to add in the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

AND you can get personal support to all of this for less than half the price of the best-selling smart phone on the market!

Susanna Reay making the pieces fit

ICF research states

82% of Coaching Businesses Fail

in the First 2 Years


Because 'Coach School' doesn't teach you how to build your business, just how to be an amazing coach (which you are). They give you the basics, but not the details to see real success.

Because people do not buy 'Coaching', it's a luxury. People buy a service to get a job done, and most coaches struggle to define what that is, as they don't know how to draw people in.

Because coaches don't have a system in place and are wasting time on tasks that can be automated to free up essential time needed for client-getting and client-serving activities

As an introvert and HSP coach, I can not stress enough how super-duper important it is to have a set of go-to frameworks that help you not only talk about what you do, but show prospects how you support them reach their goals.

Here's the thing...

  • No matter how impactful your services are, if no one ever gets to experience them, you can't facilitate the change you came into business for.
  • Every day you wait to fix this, the closer you get to becoming one of the 82% of failed businesses.
  • It's not about posting endlessly on social media, paying a fortune for ads or using expensive tech to grow your business. 

Maybe it's time you found a way aligned to YOU that can consistently engage your ideal clients.

When you sell knowledge,

it's essential you master ambiguity

and create value for clients 

To do this, you need:

  • Create strong connections with your audience using magnetic messaging that doesn't just attract your perfect people but articulates your value and impact at a glance
  • Clear, impactful offers that display a clear transformation for your perfect people, showing them the roadmap to achieve their goals
  • Connected, introvert strategies - No being told to 'hustle', or to bully people into buying, no fear-based tactics at all. Be you everyday as you harness your introvert mojo to boost your business.
  • A flexible way to get support and feedback for your unique coaching niche at a price that works for your budget.

That's where I come in, as your guide.

About Your Host ~ Susanna Reay

Susanna Reay is Europe's #1 Online Business Coach for Introverts on a mission! As a digital course expert, author and speaker Susanna has supported over 1000 introverted entrepreneurs globally since 2015. Susanna is the founder of The Introvert Way® and her first book, The Introvert Way Roadmap was published in 2021 and has sold worldwide.

She helps introverted coaches and consultants create high value offers that connect with their clients, while maintaining their own energy boundaries to avoid burnout so that they can achieve the sustainable income and lifestyle they desire.

Susanna supports all quietly determined entrepreneurs to thrive online and looks forward to welcoming you into her exclusive club of quietly-driven success stories.

Say hello to 3 More ways your life will change 

(for the better)

  • Waking up energised, raring to start the tasks ahead with a smile that lights up the room and your clients hearts as you are finally living the business you dreamt about.
  • Effortless Client Onboarding into your world as they glide through automations that serve them and serve you to thrive, The Introvert Way®
  • Taking time out to enjoy life, secure in the knowledge that your inbox is busy pinging away with PayPal "You've got money" notifications.

Get ready for real growth, as you set up to engage, excite and entice your people as you grow your qualified audience. 

How do I know? 

Because my fun Sparkle Frameworks™ have got other people just like you these kind of results.

Happy Clients

Emma Canter

Emma Canter

Leadership Coach

"simple tools and structures"

Work in your business but never on it? Well, Susanna will change that in a very short period of time - providing simple tools and structures to support your thinking. Susanna is always encouraging and driving you to that next stage. I loved the message work and found the online business pathway a really helpful way to think about my overall offer. This was a really helpful process and approach.

Kathy Hayman

Life Coach

"a lot of pennies dropped"

I felt like a lot of pennies dropped and the bigger picture for my business became clearer on each product for each step of the pathway in this training - very valuable! If you want to get clear on what your big message is and how you can convey this, on and offline, and come out knowing what your pathway looks like for your prospects and clients to engage and buy from you - this is definitely the training for you!

Lind Huckle

Linkedin Coach

"Susanna's style suited me well"

Like many business owners, I have ideas about how I can grow my business online, but don't have the focus. I loved how you go through each stage step by step. This training helped me focus on honing my message and gave me an action plan to take forward. Susanna's style suited me well as an introvert. I can honestly say it was the best investment of time I have had since I started my business 7 years ago. 

Introducing the

The introvert-friendly rocket fuel that will boost your business bottom line as you power-up to the next level and turn on cruise-control,The Introvert Way®

This is an online programme like no other 

  • Step-by-step guidance - through video lessons that not only guide you on the key steps to get amazing clients, but keep you focused on the actions that move the needle. No fluff, we focus on getting you results, fast.
  • An actual introvert coach & mentor - my eyes on your business, even with the self-led package, where you get bespoke written feedback on your submitted worksheets. 
  • Upgrade to the VIP Track and get 12 months access to me as your business mentor, and we can chat through your business every month with topic focused Zoom calls plus ongoing direct support in your workbooks. 
  • Connected, introvert strategies - No being told to 'hustle', or using other fear-based marketing tactics that are rife online. Be you everyday as you harness your introvert mojo to boost your business.

This is growth for smart coaches with a lot to offer.

Course Modules

The 5 Phases to Boost Your Coaching Business Online, The Introvert Way®

Introvert Business Booster PROCESS

Phase 1: Value Diamonds

Discover how to project real value to earn your true worth as you harvest your business diamonds.

Stand out from the crowd online, while staying true to yourself as you discover how to project real value as you pull on your introvert superpowers to serve and earn your true worth. Ask simple, yet powerful questions to your audience as you begin to really live your brand and understand what your unique superpower is that will power your growth. Outline how you will live your brand on a daily basis and how to show your value while elevating your authority.


Phase 2: Aligned Pathways

Create clarity as you map out your offer & marketing pathways that attracts high ticket clients.

Having your whole business mapped out on one piece of paper brings clarity and focus every day to marketing your business and cuts out the overwhelm that descends on other business owners. Discover how to show that you are the natural solution to your prospects desires without having to resort to high pressure, aggressive, in-your-face sales tactics. In fact when you get marketing right with your Star Focus, you never need to "do" sales as they occur as the natural step for your clients to take.


Phase 3: Magnetic Messages

Get faster results with magnetic messages templates that lead clients directly to your offers.

Connect with the heart and head as you discover how to create simple engaging messages and visuals that bring new leads to your door week on week as you demonstrate that you see and hear them. Download templates and schedules so you know exactly what to do when without the need to re-invent the wheel as the Social Stack Vault is at your beck and call.


Phase 4: Sparkle Frameworks®

Lift the tempo as you wave your clients effortlessly through checkout and into your world.

Understand the most powerful, introvert-friendly Sparkle Frameworks®

 to connect with prospects and convert them into clients as you complete your Buyer Belief Ladder plus other powerful Sparkle's that combine education-led content with infused selling as your clients see clearly that they need what you can provide. Each Sparkle will become bespoke to your business and echo your voice in a unique way that this build your intellectual property and grows your authority as an expert in your niche. 


Phase 5: Constellation Design

Power up to the next level as you discover the secrets of energy management & smart systems.

Discover how to harness your energy to be the most effective and productive version of yourself by understanding how to power up with smart systems that allow you to run your business single-handedly plus enjoy time out, secure in the knowledge that your back is covered. Access step-by-step templates to set up your services in a way that works for you, and then you'll refine and make yours over time. You will be ready to courageously step up and take your business to the next level with confidence and grace.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

When you sign-up to this online program you will get instant access to the The Introvert Business Booster™ tools and templates to grow your audience online so your email list is bursting with your perfect people and paying clients.  You go at your own pace, but will get helpful inbox nudges if you seem to be stagnating in a certain phase.

Each training phase has short, easy to follow lessons, an action to implement, and the opportunity to submit your work at the end of each module to get feedback from Susanna.

I ask you to trust the process, which I've developed from serving over 1000 fellow introverted coaches, then before you know it, you too will have a successful business set up to suit you and your life.


Share Your Knowledge Online and build a future-proof business

As the centre of your coaching business, every client is relying on you stay healthy and able to deliver the solutions.

But life happens, and there are times when we just can't be there for clients, and we need a break. But this doesn't mean that your income should stop! 

I will show you how to show up when taking time out.


When you package your expertise to scale, you no longer need to show up daily to serve your customers live. 

As introverts, our inner batteries drain far faster than our extrovert friends, and this means we need to get savvy with how we set up our business, we need to set up our business to scale without the hassle.

But before you move to this stage you need to create a system that reflects your true value and is tested to bring the right people to your door.


You do what you do to implement positive changes in your clients' home or work life. 

The more people you can share your unique solution with, the happier they will be. Selling is serving and creating the biggest impact, and when you have your offers aligned with the clients' needs, magic happens.

Simply, this online programme includes

  • 5 simple step-by-step modules that you go through at your own pace and includes video training & worksheets that guide you through your business model, niching, messaging, crafting offers, and following introvert-friendly marketing.
  • In-Training Support - ask questions and get clarification directly inside your training portal, no need to join a Facebook community and get distracted by what others are doing. 
  • 1 x VIP group coaching session every month* - where you we look at how to implement the strategies into your business. You bring along your questions, and get the support and advice that you need. 

* VIP clients only get invited to group coaching calls


It's an interactive program that supports your business year in, year out.

Trust the Process

When you follow through and implement the simple step-by-step actions provided in the Introvert Business Booster, you too can achieve the same or better results in your business. If you like direct support to power-up your results, then consider the VIP track to open up direct monthly coaching as together we go further, faster.







Create A Business That Feels Like Home

Susanna Reay The Introvert Way® Mission
Testimonial for Susanna Reay
Testimonial for Susanna Reay
Testimonial for Susanna Reay

This won't suit everyone...

This program is meant for someone who is quietly determined to succeed in their business and has a deep desire to say NO to the hustle and rise above what everyone else is settling for. In other words, you want to be a success story, and discover how to step up and out more, The Introvert Way® so you can stop being the world's best kept secret.


Now it’s time to introduce your Bonuses!

Make your business *POP*CRACKLE*FIZZ* in all the right ways

What else could you possibly need to achieve the results above? 

To be honest, nothing, as all the vital information is contained in the Introvert Business Booster course. 

But I know you will have MORE questions and your enquiring mind will want MORE depth in certain areas.

So included, just for your special introverted brain that adores to know the bigger picture in depth, I have included the following bonuses. 

Online Business Branding 101

A simple beginner series sharing hot branding tips to ensure you're showing up consistently with brand colours aligned to your values & beliefs (Value £250)

Touchpoint Offer Training

Do you offer a sweet sample of your work that leaves them wanting more? If the answer is no, then this training has the answers to make your piece of pie the hottest thing in town.  (Value £250)

Business Tracker Stack

Plug’n’Play templates to track your business vitals from socials to leads to lifetime client value. No business should be without this beautiful bundle at their fingertips.  (Value £500)

Here Is The Boost You've Been Looking For All Along

At the end you will have created your bespoke Business Success Pathway

that has been signed off personally by Susanna so you know you have the right plan to grow your business aligned to your unique situation.

IBB Summary Desktop

PRICES HELD UNTIL DECEMBER 2022 - then they will rise significantly!

IBB Summary Mobile

Susanna Reay's


Go at your own pace with written feedback


VIP Lounge

Go further faster with monthly coaching

  • Everything in Self-Led PLUS VIP Priority to submitted Workbooks and 12 months ongoing feedback.
  • Access to 10 Live Group Coaching Calls 
  • Meet fellow Intropreneurs on the same path inside the VIP Lounge For Ongoing Support & feedback OFF Facebook
  • payment Plan available, secure Your seat with £499 today

I'm so confident the Introvert Business Booster will knock your introvert socks off with it's support, advice, knowledge and service that if you don't feel that you have finally found your online support home, you can request a full refund within your first 14 days.

I recommend you invest in your business growth and get personal support from Susanna to power-up your business faster, by joining the VIP track which provides ongoing monthly coaching support for as long as you need it.

Here’s what people are saying about Susanna's online training courses and her training methods

Anna Allan

Organisation Queen

Susanna is the lady with that magic wand!

Susanna breaks down each bitesize piece of what is needed into logical steps. It makes it easy to formulate a plan much quicker than being left to 'think big'. If you want to clarify your message and ideas, Susanna is the lady with that magic wand! She gets you to think more laterally than you ever thought you could.

Angelika Breukers

Angelika Breukers

Life Coach - VIP Track

Practical solutions that were aligned to me

Susanna provided practical solutions that were aligned to what I needed. Now I have a system that has come together, I have a platform to grow from. Before it was written down on thousands of pieces of paper...but still in the air! Susanna took all the information that I had always in my head, and and put it into one strategic system. For me, it's important to have that in place, to have a great platform to start moving forward from. It flows. It's there. It's great."

Debra Parry

NLP Coach & Mentor

The course materials are superb!

I love working with Susanna and you will too! Susanna's course materials are superb, her masterclasses are a joy and Susanna brings a wealth of expertise, warmth and approachability that makes you feel confident to be visible. If you get the opportunity to work with Susanna definitely go for it!

Since 2018, Susanna has been producing 5* online courses to encourage, educate and leave the students motivated to take action. Her 92% completion rate statistics are unheard of in the industry, and alone is a testament to the high quality training inside.


How long will it take me to complete the course?

This is a self-paced training, which opens up lesson by lesson as you take action. It is possible to complete the whole training in under two weeks though I don't advise this, as it's unlikely you will have carried out the actions that are important to validate your business offers. I recommend that you spend a minimum of 6 weeks, so one module per week  to digest and implement the training. All you learn inside will be used again and again in your business as you expand and grow. You will receive motivational emails to bring you back into the training on a regular basis, coz life happens!

There is no 'expiration date' for access to this training. If for any reason, I decide to retire the training, due to changes in circumstance, you will be given 3 months notice to download any content to your hard drive.

I think I need more accountability...

If you'd like direct support and feedback from Susanna, upgrade to the VIP Lounge to go further faster. The VIP Lounge gives you access to 10 monthly group coaching sessions with Susanna PLUS written or video feedback on the frameworks and tasks given in the training across the 12 months of your subscription to ensure you are on target to see change in your business.

As a VIP Member you also get access to a private chat room to connect with fellow members and support each other between the calls, where Susanna focuses her support. 

When are the VIP client calls?

If you choose to join the VIP Lounge, you will get invited to the group coaching calls that are held on the 1st Tuesdays of the month*. Sessions are held at 9:30am London UK. Each VIP Call is scheduled for 90 minutes. 

10 sessions run per year, all are on Zoom, with each session being focused on a particular Phase so everyone on the call gets to deep dive together on those actions. Sessions are recorded and added to your VIP TRACK MemberZone where you get to engage with your VIP Peers. There will be a question submission form before each call, ensuring that your question gets answered live. The submissions will be answered live on the calls in the order they were received, it's important if you submit a question that you attend the call as Susanna can only support you in person.

*If this date lands on a UK public holiday or a special family occasion, Susanna will give advance notice to changes as she sees fit. No calls in August or January. 

Do you provide refunds?

I'm so confident the Introvert Business Booster will knock your introvert socks off with it's support, advice, knowledge and service that if you don't feel that you have finally found your online support home, you can request a full refund within your first 14 days*

If you suffer from impulsive course purchase syndrome, I recommend you power-up and join the VIP Lounge which provides ongoing monthly coaching support for as long as you need it to ensure your investment gets the transformations you are seeking.  If you're uncertain if this is right for you, please reach out by email with your questions before purchase to

Note that this is no magic pill, you will need to do the work, take action and implement the easy-to-implement strategies. But since you're reading this, I know you are serious about your business, so this shouldn't be a problem!

*Refund will be processed via your payment method minus bank charges, which I cannot redeem.


Yes! many of my clients are exactly like you, maybe you're an ambivert or an overwhelmed extrovert ..  but you are juggling so much jelly that it's time to re-examine how to serve clients. And this training is inclusive in that it serves anyone wanting to honour their work boundaries and earn more in less time. The only piece that differs will be that, to maintain your higher energy levels, you will need to include live group interactions more frequently in your offers as you will thrive on the energy that clients bring. The Introvert Way® trainings are focused on everyone being seen and heard, you are very welcome to discover and explore your introverted side with us. If you are not sure about your natural tendencies, I suggest doing the simple quiz at 16 personalities dot com that will help you understand more about who you are and how to work to your best advantage.

What's the step beyond the Introvert Business Booster?

The next step for many of my clients is to join the Signature Offer System training , which focuses on launching a Signature Offer that you can serve to groups, allowing you to 10x your income without the burn out. If you would like to know more about this, just ping Susanna an email. The Booster works for both individual offers and group offer promotions.  

Can I work with you privately Susanna?

If you know you need personal accountability and support to get to the next stage of your business journey, and would like to do this in private calls with hands on support writing your messaging, design your brand image and formulating your offers, then please email Susanna to ask about her availability for the Fast Track Mentoring Service, as she only takes on a select few private clients at a time to make sure you get the very best support.

Boost Your Business. Join us.

Are You Ready To ...

  • Say goodbye to indecision and procrastination for good as your confidence and clarity soars inside the Introvert Business Booster™
  • See new clients reach out to you as you've created the perfect solution for them right now, as you meet them where they are at.
  • Be confident and clear in your marketing message as you answer the call of your clients, and let them know you are the right person to help them.

It's time to set up to scale your business and earn your true worth.

A Personal Note

I'd love to support you to connect and engage with your perfect people online. This course really is the missing link that sets you up for scalable success online in a way, as an introverted coach or consultant.

Far too many courses get left on the digital shelf, but not this one, as you will get personal feedback and motivating emails to work through the easy, step-by-step guidance that will bring in a stream of clients and allow you to take time out when you need to.

I won't lie, there is work to be done, and you will need to get out of your head and move into action... but I will be with you each step of the way, guiding you with short, impactful exercises, templates and other creative ways to get your business thriving. 

See you on the inside,

Word to the wise: The internet is a dynamic space, always changing. And one of my passions is staying on top of those waves of change, like a pro-online-business-surfer. My programmes, workshops and even my free resources often change as I learn how to shift in the ways I show up, serve, and deliver a fantastic experience for you! That means that what is here, ready, and at an AMAZING price for you today may not be still at this price tomorrow - so don't hold back if this is what you need today.

So, hit that sign up button while the price is still low.