Launching your Signature Offer is an exciting moment for a business owner. This is when you diversify your income and are able to serve more than one client at the time while bringing together your framework and knowledge to have a bigger impact.Signature Offers are designed to expand with your client base in a sustainable

What’s your goal as an entrepreneur? To make sales, right? And the best way to make sales is to talk to the person who wants the solution you are selling. Whether to make your brand one that polarises your audience has long been a discussion in marketing circles. This Harvard Business Review article, Make the Most

These top 5 social media tips are proven to benefit the introvert business owner looking to find qualified prospects and harness the busy online marketplace.Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. It’s also the best place to market your business when starting out as that is where the greatest number of

Do you have days where you just have to down tools and sleep?  That was me last week, my body was telling me to pull back from the busy world of creation and connection that is my day to day business.  It was time to start managing my week rather than letting it manage me! I adore connecting

A video interview with Susanna Reay about creating online courses…  Hi!So you are thinking about starting your business online… and looking at courses as a possible way to go forward?Maybe you’re introverted as well like myself, and if you are there, know that you are having a great strategy direction to have in your business

If you believe all the online noise out there, the route to success is all about…posting a three times a day,spending lots on advertising,running endless webinars,writing daily newsletters,going live every day… and falling in an exhausted heap on the floor as you have been running round like a headless chicken!Crazy right?And it’s totally unsustainable.And it’s

What is The Introvert Way® to do business online?This is the first question I get asked at networking events, and mainly by those who are more extroverted in nature. Unsurprisingly, as many extroverted people get so wrapped up in how they do business that they are not aware that others may not do things the

You are an expert in your field, and an introvert … but what business model should you choose to grow your business?  The easiest way to start out and test your ideas and concepts is by serving one on one with private packages. In this scenario, you can “free wheel” in the exact steps you prescribe

Follow these 10 introvert-friendly tips on how to grow your business even if you’re an introvert… because you can and you are awesome! 1. Simplify always (as an introvert you will be over thinking everything, I know as that’s me too!) 2. Balance is key to sustainable success, so book time for work and play.  3. Align your

Do you ever wonder what it would be like if you took your business 100% online? If that’s one of those questions, that is coming towards you at the moment, then stay tuned because I’m going to be answering with the four elements that to be successful online, you really need to incorporate.Are you more introverted

Long tradition tells us to take our business cards to a big networking event, and it is super super vital for when you’re networking as an introvert.Why? If you’re busy listening and talking through different topics, it can be very easy to just let the extrovert talk away and not interrupt the flow… But the

Oh, I just had such a few days meeting people in person in the big city – I was out in London.And today, I am feeling the Introvert Hangover. Does this sound familiar to you? Have you experienced this? It is incredibly real. Even though I had over 10 hours sleep last night, I am still feeling incredibly foggy