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Energy Mastery and Self Compassion

How to use the power of attention to master your energy and develop alignment between your body, mind and heart. How to go from being depleted and overwhelmed to a place of alertness, inner space and grounding.

Anita Kooij

Mindfulness and Transformation Coach for Highly Sensitive Women

Anita Kooij is a movement specialist and body-oriented mindful transformation coach. She helps highly sensitive creative and entrepeneurial women to develop healthy habits to stay grounded, balanced and in a joyous connection to their body, heart and inspiration.

She founded The Art of Slowing down to offer sensitive souls a place to replenish their energies and reconnect with their why, their true inspiration and their body.

Download: '10 Essential Inspirations for Inner Peace' via the free offer link button above.

The book mentioned in talk was  "Playing Big" by Tara Mohr

Dutch website Kunst van Vertragen (Art of Slowing down): 

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"Anita helped me to connect to who i really am and gently guided me to gain insight and clarity in what is really important to me. I am very happy to have rediscovered the deeper emotional and spiritual values that sustain my business". 

~ Ivanildo Falkenstein

"Working with Anita brought me to a place where i definitely learned to listen to my body and set healthy boundaries. Now i start the day with meditation and excercises that help me connect to my body. Then i start the day with deep rest and inner space". 

~ Emily Roberts