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The Online Congress for Female Intropreneurs

Know, Like and Trust Yourself - so that your clients can follow

As an intuitive soul-supporter, Anna will be encouraging us all to Know, Like and Trust ourselves enough to follow our inner knowing. This inner work will then reflect outwardly as our clients can then know, like and trust us. These 3 elements are integral in moving a follower to a paying client.

Anna Andergrahn

Founder, Bubbly Balance

Anna Andergrahn, intuitive soul-supporter, Sweden, is strengthening parents from within, so they can Know, Like and Trust their purpose and help their children to do the same, so they can make peace with themselves and make the right choices for themselves and their life, and by that contributing to a better world for all. Anna uses universal energies in her soul-supporting work, through online courses for parents and children, through her private sessions, as well as through the energy work provided monthly for free in cooperation with other peace-workers. Background: Master of Science with corporate experience within project management, process development and marketing, mother of three 4-11 years old children, creator of two Swedish children's books about life's big questions.

OFFER: First Aid Kit to Reconnect to your "I Am" power - Seven simple self-help steps back to centre

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"Within minutes she showed me how and where I could gain energy for my project to flourish - it all made sense and I am glad to have found a very reliable mentor in Anna, that is able to source deep spiritual energy." Mereama, Scotland

 "I feel really grateful for this opportunity and since I’m doing sessions with Anna I experience more harmony in my life, little by little feeling more myself, grounded and in peace." Georgina Zinno, Netherlands