The Introvert's

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How to Deal with this Hurry-Up World as an Introvert

Knowing that feeling of being overwhelmed somedays when you open the door of your apartment and you must face the rushing world? Then Angela will give you some supporters to take with you to make it easier and give the world the chance to see your light shining without, while there is no need to pretend you are an extrovert. 

Angela Heck

AMH Coaching Angela Martina Heck

Angela Heck has been guided by her intuitive abilities since she was born. As a kid she easily connected with animals, nature and other living beings, including the universe. She has the natural ability to pick up on the energetic state of anyone or any situation she comes in contact with. Through the deep connection she looks at things in a much different way, which makes her from the bottom of her heart a positive person. By realising that, she decided to use her abilities to support others to get to their roots and to connect with self-love and confidence.

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"In a short time, I got more relaxed and trusting of my inner voice. She did what a lot of others couldn’t manage to do, and she did it with intuition and in the way I needed most. I recommend her from the bottom of my heart. She is the best investment I have made in a while, in Angela’s coaching as well as in myself." Barbara Pfeifer

"I was very surprised how “easy” the family constellation work was. I expected that it would be overwhelming for me to see everything laid out – but you have guided me wonderfully with your sensitive and yet straightforward and clear nature and provided me with many enlightening insights. Since my coaching, a lot has changed and there is so much lightness, and it’s beautiful!  Anyone who is willing to see and learn a lot about themselves in a short time should definitely contact you. You really have a special gift for bringing things to light. All the best, thank you!!” Noëmie Stettler