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Money Matters

Mon€y matters because it is about independency, freedom and a tool to create a meaningful life. When you feel under-prepared and not knowing where to start, it can be overwhelming, confusing and energy draining, especially for introverts. In this talk learn why women often reject dealing with finances and how to train your money muscle step by step.

Beate Schulz-Wolff

Female Wealth and Power Coach 

I am an introvert, highly-sensitive and multi-passionate Female Wealth and Business Coach. I support women to take responsibility into their own hands for their finances, to develop and grow emotional and financial wealth and live an independent life. As a German expat, having lived in the UK and I am now based in the Netherlands and following my mission to help prevent female old age poverty by increasing female power and influence in the world by financial education.

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"Beate combines business insight with an extremely good sense of what moves people. She recognizes talents and skills and knows how to encourage people to use them in a way that suits them. Beate switches quickly and effectively and comes with practical solutions to put you better in your power. I absolutely recommend her as a trainer/coach and will definitely re-engage her if the situation arises." Patty Knoops Founder Kijk Haar!

"Some time ago I had to prepare an important presentation when I asked Beate to help me. Beate immediately had an idea of how I should give this presentation to really get the attention of the audience and provided me with the necessary tips and tricks to make a sparkling story out of it. The presentation became a great success because of Beate coaching me!" Patty Knoops Founder Kijk Haar!