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Fire Your Inner Critic

Chérine Kurdi will explore how you hold yourself back through self sabotage and cruel inner criticism and how you  shine and create an impact in your life, business and relationships by respecting your own way and zone of genius.

Chérine Kurdi

Women's Leadership Expert

Chérine Kurdi is a US-certified Women's Leadership Expert working between UAE, Lebanon and Europe, with 15+ years experience in both corporate and life coaching.  She works mostly online with international multi-passionate and hypersensitive entrepreneurial women who are done with overthinking and who long to feel confident about themselves and their potential. She’s the creator of The Courageous You an online soulful Feminine Leadership Experience to help women lead with more courage, purpose and joy- in life, relationships and business.

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"I felt terribly bullied by my inner critic. I was waking up in the middle of the night with my heart racing and that would keep me awake. After applying Chérine's practical exercises, I feel that I can control my worst inner critic, I can just decide not to believe anything he says." Mónica Lopez - Communication Specialist

"Chérine supported me in revisiting my fears and the real reasons that limit my power and my ability to shine. I learned to transform this controlling voice into a powerful and more empowering one. I finally broke free from everything  that was holding me back." Chouchan Dedeyan  Counsellor & Lightworker