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How to connect to your audience with a strong and inspiring voice

If you would love to share your ideas and knowledge with your audience but feel hesitant to speak up at times, stay tuned to learn in a few steps how to build your voice presence, and project your voice with more conviction and joy. 

NOTE: To get the most out of this session, DanGita recommends you watch in a space where you are comfortable to try out and join in the voice exercises with us.

DanaGita Stratil

Voice Artist - Transformational Voice Coach – Spiritual Journeys Tour Guide

DanaGita is an accomplished voice artist and transformational voice coach with more than 30 years of experience. She very generously shares her deep knowledge about/on the power of the human voice. Her passion is to inspire business people to speak up and express from their hearts and to share their (inner) messages with joy and conviction. She also guides spiritual sound healing journeys to sacred sites.  

“Sorry, what did you say”?  “Please speak up!”   Do you hear these often?

This mini-coaching is for you if you would love to share your ideas and knowledge with your audience but feel shy and /or hesitant to speak up at times. You will learn in 5 steps how to build your voice presence and project your voice with more conviction and joy. 

TEXT to practice in the Talk:

"A white owl sat on a brown branch and bowed down"

"Exclaim joyfully: Wow, Amazing! Unbelievable! How wonderful!"

Offer: Download the Voice exercises to do in your own time and request a personal 30 minute voice discovery session with DanaGita - click the offer link above.

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"Dear DanaGita. My voice is lower! That was my main insight from your coaching. Gravitas I think is the term you have mentioned. Amazing how such simple exercises can create such a change in so little time. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and talents - more people need to experience this! " Susanna

"Dana Gita has a fresh, enthusiastic and deep way of presenting the power of voice. I now know what exercises to do in order to give my voice more strength and confidence and I am happy to say that I can already see huge differences from 4 weeks ago. I realise that my voice on my Facebook lives has changed. Thanks to your exercises, it is deeper and more rich, at the same time more modulated, with lot more emotions in it. I am getting in love with my own voice, wow! So thank you from my heart for all the exercises and listening to me."   Tanja