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Why the Introvert Becomes the Victim of Social Norms

Why is the introvert female entrepreneur so often the victim of society’s norms and being robbed of their creativity on the process? Elma brings together all her years of experience and brings her wisdom to this topic.

Elma Ferreira

Artist and Creative Enabler at Pencil Proof

"I have a strong aspiration to learn and master new technologies and creative endeavours and to empower and motivate associates, clients and friends to also reach beyond their current capabilities. I have been involved in all facets of software development for the past 28 years.


In addition, I have mastered several digital music and art software packages and used it extensively for studio recordings and art projects. I have also developed a very unique course on teaching students to find clarity and focus and unlock their hidden potential.


I enjoy teaching and developing people to reach their full potential. I have the ability to change people’s perspective by using art and music as a medium and my reward is seeing others thrive and finding their own creativity and confidence. I have managed and trained many artists, developers and software teams throughout the years. I have also sold in excess of 300 art works, mostly on commission."


Introverts, and especially female introverts often become the victim of social norms.  There are various factors involved here, for example the pressure of the educational system which almost forces females to conform to certain standards with regards to how and what they should be.  It is as if they are being raped from the innate ability to be creative from a very young age.  

A woman should not wear this in public.  A woman should not speak out in public.  Yes, you might think these have changed in the twenty-first century, but the reality is that society has still not figured out how to cater for the female that does not shout out her inner self to the world.  If you are not heard, you become invisible.  If you do not compete with the (still dominant) male society and are not willing to storm the world with testosterone and superiority, you are still being disregarded as a reckoning contester….  I have learnt a few secrets throughout my life on how to overcome this through blood sweat and tears, working mostly among men in a very competitive world and not being the world’s loudest voice ….

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"Absolutely amazing how your course has been built! The way you offer it was so much more than what I've learned at school. The most unexpected part of this course was the fact that I did so much in so little time! It brought back so many memories. This course has totally changed the way I look at physical things around me." Ester Botha

"After reading up on Pencil Proof I decided to attempt something I have never done in my life. Elma assured me that I will succeed and I assured her that I will be her first failure. Today I finished my final lesson and I cannot stop looking at the picture that I MYSELF drew with my own hand. The most important thing to me was that I was not a failure and loved every effort I made. Thank you Elma for your patience and expertise. Thank you really for how you managed to get me to do something I would never have dreamed of attempting myself." Lydia Tyne