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Podcasting an Introvert's Secret Weapon

Did you know more people listen to podcasts in the USA than watch Monday night football? Podcasting is a great way to grow your brand, tell your story and highlight other peoples stories as well. Learn why podcasting can be better than blogging for introverts, and how to set up your podcast for success and aligning it with your needs and energy.

Janice Chaka

Career and Business Coach at The Career Introvert

Janice is  the founder of The Career Introvert where she coaches introverted women to excel in their career and business. She hosts the podcast The Traveling Introvert where she talks about running businesses, traveling and being an introvert.   She is also the host and organizer of The Get Your Podcast Started Summit. She helps entrepreneurs set up systems to create, run and grow their podcasts so they go from just another overwhelming  project to take on to a process driven lead generator that integrates seamlessly into their business while helping to grow their brand. 

Links in talk: - Podcasting App - Podcast Host

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"I enjoyed every minute of the strategy  call and Janice was able to help me identify the mistakes I was making and how to go about my business. And she gave me solutions and freebies too!" Helgah A Buyengo

"I love to read & follow the career introvert as Janice always has ideas that challenge & help me grow. She helps us understand the world of introverts to create more balanced / inclusive teams and become better leaders."  Ale Perez Coria