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My Top Mompreneur Time Management Tricks

You wake up in the morning ready for a great day.  But the next time you look up - it’s dinner time. You didn’t finish half of your to do list, let alone anything for yourself. You feel like you’re not in control of your days.  Let’s turn that around!  Karen will shares her top time management tricks to help you make the most of your time.  You can work less hours, be more productive - and have time for the things that mean the most to you.

Karen Grill

Founder & CEO of Second Act Moms

Karen Grill is the founder and CEO of Second Act Moms and Small Business Building Blocks. After struggling to build and run her online business while having children, Karen took courses, read books and blogs to find a solution for her planning and scheduling challenges.  But, none of the systems worked for her - because none of the people who created them had children!  So Karen created Second Act Moms to help other mom entrepreneurs learn how to solve their time management issues so they can do the work they love and still have time for their family.

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“I always hesitate before working with someone if I think I could figure it out myself if I just tried hard enough. Listening to Karen for just a half hour showed me that she has real actionable strategies to help me manage my time and my schedule in an entirely different manner than I had ever considered before. If you know your schedule and time management needs help, I highly recommend working with Karen. She really knows her stuff and can help you make order out of your scheduling work-life mess!” Sori A. Founder, Focal Point Graphics

“Karen, where have you been through my years of struggle? To have your input at my fingertips and walk me through the maze is nothing short of a breath of fresh air.” Susan F.