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How to shine when speaking English online

It’s easy to go into overwhelm as an introvert entrepreneur, especially when you’re faced with public challenges, like going online. Add to that, speaking in English, if you’re a non-native speaker and the pressure can make you go into shutdown. In this session, you’ll be learning how to prepare to go online, so you can shine.

Lynn Coleman

Creator of Easier English

Lynn Coleman helps female entrepreneurs shine in the global marketplace using English. After years of working in international business, she’s analysed what you really need to know and created the Easier English system. It’s all about gaining fast, practical results which show you at your best. And it’s also about support, to help you take the steps YOU need to take.

OFFER: Download a checklist to help female, introvert entrepreneurs feel less nervous about speaking English.

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“I really  want to thank you for my lessons – I’m fine phoning now. I’ve learned a lot and I’m really going to miss you!” – Gerie van der Veen used Easier English to help her feel more confident phoning

“Lynn is the perfect English trainer. She really helped me refresh my knowledge. Her way of training is made to measure, adapting to what I needed and she finds out your points of improvement very quickly. Lynn has so many options for practising too. It’s all very personal, just like Lynn, who’s a warm and a beautiful person with a love for the language and her craft.” Liane used English English to improve her blogging.