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Finding Your Inner and Outer Identity

We all have the longing to be valued and respected in business and this leads to us compromising who we are and acting in a way our clients and colleagues expect us to.  We know introverted females are easily drained by people interaction, so trying to compromise for acceptance are worse for them. Finding your Inner and Outer Identity will stop the compromise and allow you to be a “first rate version for yourself and not a second rate version of somebody else” (July Garland). We explore what this means to your confidence and the ability to set boundaries as a result. 

Lianne Smuts

Mindfulness and Transformation Coach for Highly Sensitive Women

I started out as an entrepreneur in 1994 – at the time teaching ladies how to use accessories (scarves and jewellery) to make the most of their existing outfits.  After completing an image consultant course and qualifying as a facilitator, my focus changed to that of assisting women in finding their outer identity:  what about their appearance makes them look beautiful and feel special.

Facilitating many soft skills topics in various industries, I discovered that women are often influenced by the criticism of those they work/live with and in trying to please everyone they end up not knowing who they are, or even want to be ….and so they loose their inner identity.  This is the area in which I excelled as facilitator, helping women to also find their inner identity and be confident in who they are.

Over the past 14 years I facilitated and trained people in many different industries (financial, manufacturing, hospitality, mining to name but a few) and at all times it was my focus to inspire them to personal growth, equip them with practical advice and tools which they could implement to prosper, not only in their careers, but also as individuals.

My reward is seeing women blossom in their own identity and “being a first rate version of themselves” (in the words of Judy Garland) …not trying to be someone others want them to be.

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 "Lianne simplifies complex ideas in easy to understand language and immediately translates it to a practical application. Her training sessions are fun, creative, interactive and life-changing. If you need to shift paradigm’s, talk to Lianne." - Truus Legemaat

"Words are all that is needed:  uplifting, passionate, understanding, knowledge, professional and yet caring.  You have made a difference. Thank you Lianne." - Yolandi Kirchner