The Introvert's

The Online Congress for Female Intropreneurs

Your face reveals your strength as an introvert!

Today Marian Nielsen Joos will introduce the art of Face Reading, an ancient Chinese Daoist method for insights, diagnosis, transformation and healing. She will share a test with you which reveals that you are an introvert or even an extrovert maybe even both.

Marian Nielsen Joos

Shamanic Healer and Master Face Reader 

Marian Nielsen, Shamanic Healer and Master Face Reader, developer of the  The Heart Way for Empowering Shift for brave/courageous and soulful female entrepreneurs who are ready to  SHIFT fear, uncertainty and limiting believes to feel powerful, connected to the heart and make life happen for you instead of to you. 

I will show you how to recognise and call forth the shining, beautiful woman you truly are, listen to your heart desires and transform disempowering mindset into empowerment, so you can start trusting your inner voice while fulfilling your deepest dreams and visions.  

My decades of experience as a Chinese medicine practitioner have shown me that healing not only happens in the physical body but it's a profound spiritual path. As a Chinese Master Face Reading expert and Shaman, I have guided my clients into deep healing journeys, reconnecting with their own self, dissolve fear and step through their mission with renewed energy. My clients refer to my work as "Truly transforming!".

Marian’s own personal transformation started the day she realised she was not living her heart’s desire and was definitely not aligned with her Soul Purpose. As she started to surrendering she knew she needed to share her experience and inner gifts. Surrender is the leading path to the empowering shift everyone is craving for and it's there, ready for every brave woman to discover the path, live it and start making powerful decisions “The Heart Way”.

OFFER: Watch a special transformational video for Empowerment, Visualisation and Shamanic Drumming that Marian has created especially for you.

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"Marian,She is a woman who truly wants to see you and support the best in you from a place of such openness and love." Trine from Montreal Canada

"Dearest Marian Nielsen Joos  My beautiful Shaman - Thank you for some amazing hours. You have given me the most wonderful gift, I have been looking for around the World for years. Thank you from the deepest of my heart. You are forever my Shaman." Pia from Copenhagen Denmark