The Introvert's

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Blame It On The Moon!

Ever felt lost, drained and/or exhausted because you forced yourself to play the extrovert successful power woman? What if I told you it is possible to be successful as an introvert, without pretending to be something you are not? Tune into the natural rhythms inside and all around you… Gain clarity and inner calm, get a clear cut birds-eye perspective on your goals and dreams, strong inner compass, able to stay on course without forcing or pushing or at the cost of others.

Mirjam van der Zee

The Practical Moon Lady

After years as a P.A. in Law and Consultancy, I decided (almost 20 years ago...) to follow my heart to become a massage therapist.  That evolved into coaching and energy work. At the moment

I teach ambitious women to  plan following natural rhythms, which gives powerful results. Vitalising, creating clarity and abundance!

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