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Let Your Inner Child Reignite Your Creativity

Do you know that there is an inner child within you who has got lost along the way and created blocks to your success? Join Roberta to reignite your creativity by a powerful exercise that connects to your inner child. 

Roberta Gre

Creative Healer

My name is Roberta, I’m from Rome and I’m 55. I studied foreign languages but I’ve always been passionate about art and creativity since young age. I was a realtor for almost 15 years until, in 2015, my life took an unexpected turn due to  mental and physical exhaustion which forced me to face the fact that I was not listening to my deep needs and desires. So I started my own healing journey through art therapy and other techniques. The results were amazing and since then I started to share my concept to help others.

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"Dear Roberta, it’s been such a joy and adventure to do the “Discover you magical inner child” course with you. I learned so much by drawing and writing with my non-dominant hand. At first the assignments were not easy, I felt vulnerable but our face to face Skype/Zoom encounters and your insight on the symbolism in my drawings brought about many “aha moments”. The assignments became easier over time, and each feedback/interview session with you helped me to grow faster, become stronger as the domino-effect started to take place. Thank you. Truus Geertruida Lagemaat.

“Robert, your course “Discover your magical inner child”, was a great journey for me. Your wisdom and intuition were spot on and I could see some situations in my life far clearer. The pace you set for me was exactly what I needed. In addition the personal assignments from the call with you, helped me a lot to grow on self-love and love for my Inner Child". Barbara Pfeifer