The Introvert's

The Online Congress for Female Intropreneurs

Video is an Introvert's Secret Weapon

Video may seem like the realm of the extroverts, but really, it’s the PERFECT way for introverts to grow their businesses. Feel terrified to put yourself out there? Afraid to show how awkward you feel, sound and look on-camera?

I completely get it. Video can be scary when you first start - this is one training session you won’t wanna miss!

Sarah Michelle Brown

Virtual Video Director at Videos that Shine

Sarah Michelle Brown is a real-life filmmaker who also works with big-dreaming entrepreneurs who want to play it bigger in their biz by making AMAZING VIDEOS. But... they feel sooooo awkward on-camera, they don’t know where to start and they’re terrified to put themselves out there.

Heck, just thinking about making videos makes them break out in a sweat and their hearts race!

It doesn’t have to be this way. I teach ‘preneurs how to be CONFIDENT + full of PERSONALITY on-camera, AND how to make amazing videos, so that they become fearless about putting themselves out there.

It’s time to build genuine, loyal connections with your audiences through video!

OFFER: Grab this quick + easy tool to help you get comfy on-camera (click free offer link button above)

“I thought ‘oh man, am I really the kind of person who can be on-camera?’  Sarah meets you right where you’re at, she sees the POTENTIAL in you and she makes you feel like ANYTHING is possible! She is the Obi-Wan to your Luke or Leia.” ~ Susan O’Connor

“Soooo beyond what I expected from a video training course! When I mustered up the courage to join, I did so with a fair amount of kicking and screaming. I knew that I needed to up my professional game for my online audience. Trouble was, I’ve never enjoyed putting myself in the spotlight. Ever. Thankfully, Sarah creates a safe place for even the most resistant of wallflowers like me. She knows how to tease out all of the awkward bits, knows when to encourage, and how to gently push when we need it most (but don’t actually know it yet).” ~ Cherice D