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Dial Up Your Visibility

Being visible online is not usually top of the introverts’ list for things to do in life. But if you wish for your business to expand locally, nationally or even globally, then getting visible online is your best route forward. Susanna Reay brings us her 7 Pillars to Online Visibility to make sure you are working in an effective way.

Susanna Reay

Visibility Coach, Colour Expert & Business mentor

Susanna helps brilliant female introverts, like you, who have amazing products and services to share with the world but are not being seen, so your business hasn’t found the success it deserves. Her successful Golden Visibility program has helped many intropreneurs get the structure they have been looking for.

Formal design & business qualifications combined with a speciality in colour psychology allows Susanna to bring a unique perspective to your visibility and ability to attract customers. Having worked with small startups and solo entrepreneurs for over 2 decades across multiple countries and industries, Susanna understands the cultural complexities that need to be taken into account when marketing your offer. Formal qualifications include; MBA (Distinction) in Business Management and Entrepreneurialship, (BSc.(Hons) in Textile Design and Design Management and a Licenseship of the Textile Institute (LTI) for her work with colour.

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OFFER: Access Susanna's checklist: 49 Ways to be Visible Online by clicking the link above, This will give you plenty of ideas to start creating your Visibility Plan.

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"I joined the Golden Visibility Course and have to say, that it was some of the best things, I have joined. Susanna really shares all her knowledge and is such a great expert. She also helped me a lot with my homepage, which is not completed yet. She really stands for Quality! She is also great with 1 to 1 sessions and is so inspiring! Thanks a lot my dear! Great having met you here! " Salome Wyss-Meyer

"If you are an introvert getting quickly overwhelmed or kind of lost with all Social Media messages we receive today from thousands of platforms, Susanna will teach you how to handle this and will support you to build your own business. With her genius and patient personality, understanding, empathy and a stunning in depth knowledge encompassing lots of different details that are important when you feel lost and overwhelmed in the very beginning, she inspires you with an inner abundance of ideas and expertise which is absolutely outstanding – Just amazing!!! 

You have to experience this, otherwise it is impossible to imagine her kind of didactic approach to numerous subjects of the course she is proficient in. If you are looking for something similar… well I am convinced it does NOT exist as … at least for me…. Her structure and comprehensive kind of teaching is just UNIQUE! Every lesson is introduced by a video, explaining the presentation slides you can work on, as well as worksheets to put in the ideas of your own business. Afterwards, you can enjoy tutor time to get answered remaining questions.” Maria Sophia Kuhlage