The Introvert's

The Online Congress for Female Intropreneurs

Authentic Selling for Introverts

Summer will discuss how to gain sales, the introvert way, using a great authentic selling method that connects in a non-sleazy way. 

Summer Tannhauser

Online Business Educator

Summer Tannhauser is an online educator and published author who teaches people to build a profitable “simple little” business online, using their life experiences and passions.  She’s worked with hundreds of budding entrepreneurs through her online courses and masterminds, showing them how to leverage the power of relationship-based email marketing to increase sales.  She has appeared in numerous online publications and podcasts including Inc. Teachable, Badassery, and more.

Before transitioning to her work online, Summer founded a local pet care business which she grew to a team of 20 employees and over 1,000 clients. She took her extensive marketing and business knowledge from this endeavour, and her love of entrepreneurship, to help others open their own successful businesses online.  Summer lives in Tennessee with her husband and 3 young kids.

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Social Media: 

“My knowledge and confidence around product creation and copywriting are like night and day before and after your program!”

“From the first time I took one of your courses, I was super impressed with your funnels, with your information, and with my experience interacting with your material.  You make me want to set up my funnels in a way that is as effective and pleasant to engage with as you do!”