The Introvert's

The Online Congress for Female Intropreneurs

Inner & Outer Communication Styles

While listening to this talk, you will...

-  Discover your natural communication's super-powers and how to bring out the best of them in business and everyday life.

- Understand others communication styles and the number one communication ally for female introvert entrepreneurs.

- Learn practical tips to effectively connect and communicate with your clients, in a way that suits your own self-style

Tania Blanco

Communications Consultant. Connector. Inner Power Advocate.

Tania Blanco's biggest joy is to guide soul-driven entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to be, to unleash their natural communication's super-powers and ignite their brand communications for real connection, so they can create impact and change through their services while staying true to their essence, genius and highest vision.

With more than 25 years of experience in the field of Communication as well as Personal Development, Spirituality, Education, Writing and Cultural Promotion, Tania has been described by her clients as "Communicator w/ a poet's soul who's able to see you fully, hold space and empower you to shine". She is the creator of the courses "Write to Manifest" and "Your natural communication's super-powers", and has facilitated dozens of Master Classes and workshops, among them "Manifest the writer within", "Manifest your inner communicator" and "Blog Expression". 

Author of a couple of poetry books, besides her everyday work as an entrepreneur, she is on a personal mission to inspire and guide soulful women to ignite their inner LIGHT, see themselves for whom they really are and, clear their way from fear to personal Freedom, Joy and their own version of Success. 

OFFER: Get "Your natural communication's super-powers" a personalized e-book with tips and exercises for female introvert entrepreneurs. 

" Tania helped and encouraged me to write my story in a conscious way. I would love to thank her for sharing her wisdom and various tools for communicating within and write. (...)  I learned that all answers are inside me and it’s time to own my gifts and manifest my heart desires." - Martha Adriana Chavez, Costume Designer and TV Producer.

"Tania’s work is excellent, I appreciate her integrity and congruency. Her course helped me to find the 'door to the secret garden'. I highly recommend it, it’s a great way to discover all your potential, learn about your own self and your creativity, communicate and write". - Amanda Monroy Merino, Therapist, Expert in Family Systemic Therapy and Social Worker