Knowing Your True Colours

"Colour is a power which influences the soul" Kandinsky

Kandinsky spent many years painting, but also studying colour and it's affect on us all from his perspective as a painter. He saw that colour is a power which directly influences the soul. Kandinsky's analysis on forms and colours resulted not from simple, arbitrary idea-associations but from the painter's inner experience. He spent years creating abstract, sensorially rich paintings, working with form and colour, tirelessly observing his own paintings and those of other artists, noting their effects on his sense of colour. [1] This subjective experience is something that anyone can do—not scientific, objective observations but inner, subjective ones.

Kandinsky saw that colours on the painter's palette evoke a double effect: 

  • a purely physical effect on the eye which is charmed by the beauty of colours, similar to the joyful impression when we eat a delicacy. 
  • also the effect can be much deeper, causing a vibration of the soul or an "inner resonance"—a spiritual effect in which the colour touches the soul itself.

It is looking at this inner effect that touches our souls that we discover our true colours and develop our own colour palette to follow in life. 

 [1] Michel Henry, Seeing the invisible, on Kandinsky, Continuum, 2009, p. 27

Our brains react to colour immediately.

By knowing your true colours, you will be able to control the emotions felt by you and radiated to others.

Colour has an amazing emotional effect on all humans. We cannot help but be affected by colour, and amazingly enough research has also shown that blind people can also feel different colours. 

Colour is the result of how we process the reflectance of energy waves, these waves then go directly into our brains to be processed. Our brains then analyse these energy values received internally and process into colours that we see and feel. 

Knowing how to use your true colours is part of the journey to build greater confidence in your life and every situation that you face daily where a little helping hand is appreciated. These true colours can be defined as the colours that affect you in certain but very definite ways, and should be noted and acted upon. 


The 4 true colours to define are:

  • Power Colour
  • Focal Colour
  • Dramatic Colour
  • tint
    Accent Colour

To define these yourself requires the personal application of colour psychology. As you become more colour sensitive, with time and observance you will be able to work out what your true colours are for yourself. 

This is something that my clients often ask for help with as initially it can be very hard to see through clearly into which colours are your true colours, and asking an expert to walk you through the process can be preferable to some.


this colour will encourage people to take you seriously

The Power Colour makes you feel great, confident and knowledgeable. When I am going to interview someone, or attending a job interview, I would wear my power colour. The exact tone or shade of a colour will affect you differently; so do make a note of the exact colour that gives you this feeling. If you have an item of clothing that makes you feel this way already, make a note of this being your Power colour.

TOP TIP: Why not take a good picture of this colour (in daylight for colour accuracy) and save it on your phone. Next time you go shopping take a look at this image to remind yourself of the best colours to look for you.


this colour is your ideal colour to de-stress and soothe you

We all like lazy days, and there is nothing better than relaxing with your Focal Colour around you. This need not be in clothing alone, as colour psychology is about all colours that surround us. Your Focal colour may be on your walls, your sofa, or other interior decoration. Maybe it is a spot outside that is full of this colour to de-stress and soothe you. Many people relate to soft greens that are found in the country that has led the rise to the 'escape to the country' weekends for many inner city inhabitants.  A walk along a beach staring into the waves is a sure place for me to not only unwind but also re-energise - that combination of yellow sands and sun and blue ocean is in perfect synchronisation for my batteries to get refilled.


this colour lifts your spirits and creates a positive visual impact on others

Having a "go-to" colour that lifts your spirits and creates a positive visual impact on others is precisely what your Dramatic Colour is all about. Heading out for the night with friends would be a prime example of wearing this colour - or indeed having to make that all important presentation at work in front of a large group. 


this colour captures the essence of your entire personality, when you are feeling good it will create maximum impact

Your Accent Colour will not necessarily give you extra energy, but if you are feeling good, it will create maximum impact and help to project your full personality, as this is the colour that captures the essence of your entire personality.

​​​​Do you have colours that resonate with you powerfully?

I would love to hear about your experiences. Drop me an email directly or join me on Facebook to continue the conversation. 

About the author

Susanna is a colour-passionate introvert on a mission to see gender equality in her lifetime. She guides female intropreneurs to success by building their business the introvert way, giving them the financial freedom they dream of. When not online Susanna can be found photographing, painting, procrastibaking and memorizing many musical lyrics that she sings with her daughters who have acquired this love too.

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