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Masterclass & Workbook

5 Proven Introvert-Friendly Ways 

to Attract & Engage Clients Online

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Right now you are likely stuck in overthinking, overwhelm and procrastination.

This Masterclass is for you if:

  • YOU have a defined business niche that you wish to serve
  • YOU are active on social media but are not seeing progress
  • YOU are lost in how to find new clients

Do you struggle with finding clients online?

You can stop searching frantically online for answers, you don’t have to improvise, and you don’t need more information. As I have done the leg work for you!

Use my 5 proven, fun & flexible introvert-friendly ways to get traction in your business and see new clients knocking at your door.

AFTER watching this Masterclass you will have:

  • INSTANT ACTIONS that you actually WANT to use again and again as they recognises your needs
  • NEW ENERGY to move forwards as you have embraced the power you have within you
  • BE IN FLOW to boost your business to start 2020 strong

The Masterclass to Kickstart 2020, The Introvert Way!

"It’s time to feel energised, in flow,

and grow your business the introvert way"

- Susanna Reay

You will be guided by Susanna Reay, the only online business growth coach helping you build your business with structure, strategy and creativity... the introvert way.

Susanna is an online business strategist with a passion to see gender equality achieved in her lifetime. Known as the quiet power behind many entrepreneurs since 1995, Susanna stepped forward in the last 4 years to run her own business training programs online. Susanna’s Signature Offer System ensures women project themselves with confidence and clarity, while maintaining their boundaries to avoid burnout so that they can engage and serve clients online to achieve the sustainable income and lifestyle they desire. She is your go to gal for Introvert-Friendly Business Strategies


I am ready to step into the year with purpose!

Now I feel like I am ready to step into the year with purpose. Getting ready to take flight in February! Thanks for your input yesterday Susanna - and helping to start the shift of my January blues! I see clearly the possibilities now, on a much grander scale than I would otherwise have dared, or allowed.

Debra Wenlock

Susanna is excellent in providing relevant advice

If you're an introvert struggling with overwhelm about the many possibilities just follow Susanna's lead. Susanna is excellent in providing relevant advice that will help entrepreneurs go from hiding to calmly showing up using her simple to use and super effective tools. If you yearn to be visible but you don't have a clue as to where to start, this is your program!

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain
Brave Branding Queen

The best online course I have ever done!

The best online course I have ever done, it's just spot on and Susanna is so contagious in her support and enthusiasm! That it was so spot on for my personality. The excellent resources. The joy and professionalism Susanna exuded from the videos. If you are an introvert - go and do the course, you'll never regret it!

Margarita White
Colour Consultant

You really helped me to take a leap and start my own online business!

I want to thank you, Susanna, you really helped me to take a leap and start my own online business! You're a generous woman and a super professional coach! I'm learning to be more focused on my WHY. Working with Susanna is a great opportunity to start something great for your business!

Daniella Gozzo
Language Teacher