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Fast Track Business Mentoring

" Your amazing wealth of knowledge and experience can reach more people and create a bigger impact when you set up your business to serve online clients. Let me show you how..."

Susanna Reay

About Your Big Vision Dreams...

If you ever catch yourself thinking, "I can't do that because..." then we need to talk!

Nothing beats clarity, confidence and passion for for your business you'll get from working one-to-one. And I've specialised in mentoring introverted entrepreneurs since 2015.

I've got your back! We'll deep-dive in an honest and open way as to where your business is now and where you want to go. We'll go beyond the the basics to lay the foundations that build a sustainable and successful business honouring your personality. 

I specialise in connecting the dots and shining a light on your expertise to open up new avenues for you to travel. 


I only take 2 private mentoring clients at a time.

This means you get the focus, support and availability you deserve, rather than being "just another name" in someone's jam-packed diary, serving 40 clients a week.

Fast-Track Business Mentoring Packages are set up to ensure we have the time to dig deep so you can achieve your goals, and really elevate your business online. 

I work with successful offline business owners who have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to create a larger impact online, to share their message globally.  

Private Business Mentoring is for you if you want to grow your business online now by taking focused, consistent action. 

You need to be fully committed to the growth of your business and I will ask you to sign a contract with yourself at the start to underline this.  You will grow at the pace reflected by the commitment you make to take the advised actions in a timely manner. 

What does this look like?

This program is designed to fast track you through getting your business offers set up to sell online, from course structure, creation and sales material over 6 months.

We build structures and systems for you business which can look like getting clear on your niche and ideal client as we dig down deep into pain points so that you can get your messaging and communication right on point. 

It's about building a package that is clean and easy to sell as well as activating your marketing. Figuring out what the right things are for you and going out there and talking to the right people in the right place so you can turn them into clients. And also about how you can close those sales.

We will meet once a fortnight, as agreed with our schedules, and it is expected that you will reserve 4 hours per week outside of the sessions with Susanna to complete actions from the coaching sessions.

You will be held accountable to finally get this done so your business is set up for success in 6 months, or less.  

The beauty in this VIP package, is your learning is streamlined and bespoke to exactly what you need, as I hold your hand every step of the way, as you stop procrastinating and finally cut to the chase to get it done!

Susanna just blew us away with how fast she got exactly what we needed. Her 25 + years of experience shines through and shows as she has such an in-depth knowledge of what is required to market successfully online. I bless my lucky stars every day that I picked up the phone that day to talk to Susanna.

Charlotte Harverson CEO of FYIO App

Is working with Susanna Right For You?

Yes! This is perfect!

  • You want to stop second guessing everything you do and move forwards productively with strategies that work for your business
  • You need more support and accountability than group programs offer, and are prepared to invest in yourself and your business
  • You are motivated and ready and open to try new techniques to gain clients.
  • You need someone to share the energy and struggles of building a business, with someone who understands you completely.

No, this won't work

  • You aren't prepared to make the time to show up and do the work
  • You are feel like life "happens" to you and look for someone or something to blame when things go wrong
  • You feel like one-to-one mentoring would be a "nice to have" rather than a "Let's Do This!"
  • You are looking for fast solutions that will propel you to a 7 figure business overnight. (Sorry, it doesn't work that way)

The Fast-Track Business Mentoring Package includes:

  • A detailed, step-by-step roadmap outlining all the elements you need in your business to scale with online courses. 
  • 4 x three hour intensive coaching mornings 
  • 5 x 90 minute coaching sessions
  • Open email access (within reasonable use) for feedback and checking in between coaching sessions to keep you right on track  between the live sessions.
  • Unlimited Access to the Powerhouse Library of trainings, including marketing and sales masterclasses

If you want a caring, engaged, competent, generous and fun-to-work-with coach... you are absolutely at the right place here. Susanna, thanks you for being all that and more.

DanaGita Stratil Intuitive Voice Coach

Step 1: Your Honest Overview

Read The Introvert Way™ Roadmap - and work out which business phase you are in - you will need this for the application form. Then sit down and really think about what you would like to achieve in our 6 months together, as this is also needed on the application form. Make sure that your calendar is flexible to allow for deep work on your business over the next six months.  

Step 2: Submit Your Application

Once you know all the above in your mind, the next step is to complete the Fast-Track mentoring application, so I can check you are at the right place in your business to benefit from this bespoke mentoring programme. If you application is approved, you will be invited to get on a call with Susanna to talk start dates. This application is required before any call to make sure you have completed the pre-work (step 1).


What is included in the fast track package?

Can I be too new for this?

What is my investment?

Where does the mentoring happen?

I'm not ready for fast track mentoring, how else can I work with you?

You will be blown away by Susanna’s amazing knack of coming up with personalised ways of getting you moving forward. She has a sharp intuition for business and a really infectious enthusiasm. Her method of instant coaching by Messenger will astound you

Debra Wenlock Creative Artist

Before I spoke with Susanna I had some general ideas about the direction I was thinking of developing my business.  Pretty high level and non-specific, unexamined.  She made it easy to connect and demonstrated an attitude of empathy and genuine interest in my situation.  Susanna listened thoughtfully and suggested a really practical, effective and achievable next step.  Afterwards I felt seen and heard and empowered.  Definitely a worthwhile conversation to have with an inspiring woman.

Rachael Skyring

Rachael Skyring Founder Earth Circles

Online Business Mentor

Business does not need to be all about overwhelm and tedium, I input fun into our sessions and help you build your business in a comfortable way that suits your lifestyle but also aims for the stars - as we are all in business to shine. 

If you have questions, click "email Susanna".