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Susanna Reay

" I believe in your ability to shine. You have an amazing wealth of knowledge and experience. I will show you TANGIBLE ways to get past the Introvert Hump, for good." Susanna Reay

Working privately is designed for you to:

  • Get the inspiration, support & accountability you need 
  • See results when you commit to step up a level in your business
  • Push through any excuses or limiting beliefs you might have
  • Achieve your goals faster than you have ever thought possible

It's Time to Take Action

  • You need more support and accountability than group programs offer
  • You need direct contact to be inspired to think big, and take action
  • You need someone to share the energy and struggles of building a business who can guide you forwards productively.

Enlisting your own business cheerleader will make you get all that stuff on your list finally done - but not in any way - in the RIGHT way - so no more time is wasted. You know that you need get pushed a little out of your comfort zone to make progress. You know you need personal targets to progress. You know you need technical advice and direction to push past procrastination


  • Progress at last! 
  • Overwhelm & Procrastination will be in the past
  • An action plan & framework that is sustainable for you and your business
  • Templates to follow for your online content, whether in Social Media or on your website.
  • Confidence in showing up online - the right way!

As someone with experience of working with Susanna one to one. If you have been impressed with her delivery of the Golden Visibility course, then you will be blown away by her amazing knack of coming up with personalised ways of getting you moving forward. She has a sharp intuition for business and a really infectious enthusiasm. Her method of instant coaching by Messenger will astound you. And, as you already know, she is a compulsive over-deliverer - all to your advantage. The investment in this coaching will repay itself many times over.



  • Kickstart DM Coaching - These sessions are for you if you need to have accountability and want reassurance that the steps you are taking are the right ones for where you are at. We meet online in Messenger or WhatsApp each week to keep you moving with practical steps, and get you past blocks so you take confident action. These are private 1:1 text only conversations that happen in a 2 hour time slots so there is time for you to take action as well as gain direction. Turning up in your PJs is completely allowed! Your investment starts at just $197. Email me to ask for availability and more details.
  • Momentum Coaching - This coaching is for you if you are an action-taker needing direction for growing your business online. We meet regularly for focused strategy sessions, evaluating what actions are your best next steps to achieve growth.  Using Zoom for our calls, we can screen share, so you can get direct feedback on copy, website branding, colours and more.  Save hours of time over-thinking your next step, and get the expert support to know with confidence you are putting the right content out online.  Momentum is a 4 month personalised program for $1997. Please schedule a video call to discuss more.  
  • VIP Coaching - This coaching is for you if you want to create an impact with your business fast, which can only be achieved by taking focused, consistent action. You need to be fully committed to the growth of your business and I will ask you to sign a contract with yourself at the start to underline this. Sign up for VIP coaching when you want to make this year your best yet. We meet every week to keep your focus consistent, via a mix of messenger or video sessions, dependant on needs.  You get full access to all of my Member Zone courses at no additional cost, so you can deep delve as needed into extra training during our time together. Please schedule a video call to discuss more.  


  • Online Visibility: Where you need to be and when in Social Media
  • Clarity & Focus: KISS copy creation for your Homepage and beyond
  • Colour Branding: Colours that connect to clients and project your style
  • Business Strategy: Clarify your longer term goals, making sure your everyday tasks keep these in focus
  • Online Course / Tele-summit Creation: learn the steps to getting started from an online program to a summit

If you are interested in the Momentum Coaching, let's get on a call to fully understand what you need and how I can help you get there, then I can provide you with a quote that fits the task! Click the green button below and schedule a call with me now. 

If you want a caring, engaged, competent, generous and fun-to-work-with coach... you are absolutely at the right place here. Susanna, thanks you for being all that and more.

The Intuitive Voice

If you're an introvert struggling with overwhelm about the many possibilities just follow Susanna's lead.  Susanna is excellent in providing relevant advice that will help entrepreneurs go from hiding to calmly showing up using her simple to use, and super effective tools. 

​Branding Queen


Business Growth Coach

​Business does not need to be all about overwhelm and tedium, I input fun into our sessions and help you build your business in a comfortable way that suits your lifestyle but also aims for the stars - as we are all in business to shine. 

If you would like to email me first with your questions, click "email Susanna" and I will get your message, or schedule that video chat for faster clarity!

Susanna Reay