Setting Up Your Online Home

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I am happy to hop on a Zoom call with you, and answer your questions before you enrol, to make sure this program is exactly what you need right now for your business. I've cleared my schedule, so you should find a time that works, if not send me an email.

This high-touch online training experience 

is designed to achieve results that can be used again and again

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Your Signature Offer

in 10 weeks or less, so that you can expand your business online, earn your true worth and live the life you desire.

Your Signature Offer is the offer at the heart of your business,

the one that calls your people to you. 


Sign-up by 23:59 GMT on 31st January to get your mid-program 60 minute private session, so you get that extra help just when you need it the most. Sign up before the countdown reaches zero!

Value $300


Claudia shares her experience ...

Susanna is someone who has tons of experience yet coaches you on the level you're at, really nice and friendly, she has so much patience as we keep asking questions over and over, she motivates you and tags you and corrects and suggests new options.  It was a game changer for me and I learned so much.  I love her personal in depth approach.  

My biggest win is by far finally creating something WITH the help of a professional (Susanna Reay), instead of getting some info and then having to wing it yourself.  

You just don't know what you don't know and I can write 100 more emails and texts, if no-one corrects me, I won't grow.  And this is exactly what I love about how you run your courses. Claudia De Voogt

My business language isn't English...  

The power in the Signature Offer System is the System itself, in how you set up your offer and the components you bring to your audience. 

When reviewing your website page, Chrome does a very good job translating for me to make sure you have all the right elements in the right sequence. I have worked this way with German entrepreneurs in the past and I am very happy to do so again. 

Britt loved the focus ...

If you want a world class coach who really cares about you, your doubts, failures and wins - then go for Susanna. Susanna has not only huge knowledge but she really cares about her clients. She gives laser focused advice on the next steps to go and how to get there in an easy way even introvert people dare to go.

If you get stuck Susanna helps you to focus and break things up into the smallest possible bites you can take. Baby-steps help you to reach your goal without getting overwhelmed.

Susanna teaches you all you need in an easy to understand, even fun way (!) and helps you keep on track. Her advice is personalised to your special needs and if you follow her steps success is inevitable. Britt Tassenbacher