unique COACHING for intropreneurial women

with Susanna Reay

Stop Hiding, Procrastinating and Making Excuses!


Confidence and Visibility 
for intropreneurial women 
who love colour!

Are you always hoping that one day you will no longer be procrastinating so much? 

That people will be flocking to your virtual shop door asking for your work?

That you won't be feeling overwhelmed with all the advice that you read about. Yes, I know you love to do your research... but is that not just another form of procrastination? 

I know it is, as I have been there. 

Hard lessons that I have learnt while setting up my businesses.. 

  • you have to show up
  • you have to be consistant
  • keeping the JOY and FOCUS is hard on your own.

I wouldn't have had the courage to be doing this program, without my mentors, coaches & business buddies supporting me along the way.
 All of these I met online and we have built amazingly close and real connections.

It is so tough sat on your own trying to transform your life, build your business AND juggle all the other weekly demands of life.

It is draining.

It is lonely.

The fun is no longer there and you just dive straight back into that hole of creation... of marvellous products and services ... which sadly no-one will see as you are not showing-up. 

Does this sound familiar?

Confidence building takes time and support.

Visibility is the result of confidence in yourself and business.

This program is for you if...

  • you want to make an impact with your business
  • you are willing to put the work in to make things happen
  • you are an introvert entrepreneur who is hiding still
  • you know that you need to be more visible
  • you are intrigued by colour
  • you have tried the "dry" business methods and they just bore you

Confidence comes from feelings of well-being, acceptance of your body and mind (self-esteem) and belief in your own ability, skills and experience.

Building Confidence: Positive thinking, practice, training, knowledge and talking to other people are all useful ways to help improve or boost your confidence levels.

In just 7 steps you will Shine Online to attract Your Tribe.

This program follows my unique 7 steps to boost your confidence and business. 

The time allocated to each step will vary on your individual needs. It is important you complete each step before moving on to the next step for the training to give long-lasting results. 

Speeding through steps will be fooling yourself yet again.

Patience is required for transformation to take hold.

Using your colours to support you further on your journey. 

SHY to SHINING in 7 Steps

1. Evaluation

Foundations need to be investigated before we start building. 

We look inward and also to our immediate surroundings. 

What do we see, how are we supported right now? 

How confident are we now?

2. Clarity

The next step to confidence is having clarity in your dreams, both business and personal.

The best way by far to achieve clarity is to create a Clarity Vision Board.

You will let your subconscious and conscious brain bring images and text and colours to you. 

We will then meet to discuss and analyse the way the board has shown itself. 

You will be amazed at the results!


3. Energy

Working on our own to develop our business, it is vital to understand our natural energy flows, and work with them, not against them. 

Building confidence requires a lot of outward energy that for the introvert is very draining. 

I have a unique Colour My Week Journaling system that you will complete to understand how your energy patterns. 

With the results we will discover

  • your high energy boosting colours
  • best days of the week to be outward facing
  • when you should turn off all digital distractions
  • when you need to get creative

4. Balance 

This module looks into your values, talents, strengths, weaknesses, limiting beliefs etc

Together we see where the truth lies and to start work on chasing that procrastination monkey away!

I am sure you have met this devious little monkey many times... now it is time to say au revoir.

To gain balance we will start to implement Mindful Colour Practices into your life at home and work.

5. Brand

This step is one that is super important in building your business and your confidence. We make sure all the previous work synchronises with your brand presence and we align your colours so you can show up authentically.  

Every time you need to show up with your business, you will be confident in the subconscious message you are projecting, and that is supporting the words you use too. No conflict will arise. Your brand colours will support your values and connect to your audience.

Brand Colour Palette for...

  • Your website 
  • Social media
  • Your Office 

6. Visible

Time to show up even more!  This module would be super scary if we had not laid the foundations of the previous modules. But now, with my support you will learn how to present yourself LIVE on photos and video to connect to your audience in the best way. 

This is the best way to attract new clients and income to your business today at the lowest cost.

I was so scared to go live on my Facebook page the first time, I planned the script many times, practiced without hitting the GO button... stuttered, stumbled and sweated. But I did it. Now I have gone live more times than I can count. And my audience and client base have grown too.  

But I use all my Mindful Colour Methods to support me every time I go live, without them I would be lost.

7. Shining

You are shining with confidence and ready to reach out to your audience.

But wait!
Before you fly off, we get together for a Brainstorming Meeting. You will create an action plan to take you through the next 3 months for your business.  
It is very important to make sure you have a plan to follow that will give consistency.. and the more you do something the easier it gets. 

Transformation takes time, courage and support.

Are you ready to go down this colourful, joyful path with me?

After each step, we will meet online together, just you and I, so you can continue with confidence to the next step on your journey. 

You will be invited to join Susanna's client only Facebook community to connect and support others like you on this journey. But remember each journey is unique, and the time you take is down to you.

Hello there!

If you have any questions that have not been answered on this page, please do reach out and schedule a discovery call with me.

At the end of each step, we will get together online in a video call to make sure your personal path is on track.

In the the 7 steps you will have gained deep insights into your energy patterns, the affects colours have on you, how to be present online and increase your visibility to your followers to build your business. 

I have designed this course to work at your pace - though most clients complete all 7 steps in under 3 months.

See you inside!


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  • how to implement change in your business without overwhelm
  • streamline your social media visibility and create a content strategy that works
  • connect more deeply with your own needs and those of your clients to build a successful lasting business.

How it Works:

  • We will arrange a discovery call to confirm if we are the best fit for each other in a coaching environment
  • Commitment is required for transformation to occur, so I need to make sure this is an urgent need for now for you.
  • We will schedule our meetings in advance, so we both prioritise your development.

Host: Susanna Reay

I love to make sure my life as an entrepreneur is fully in line with my energy flow. A major reason I started my own business was to be location free and in control of my schedule. I was done with travel, long commutes, and back pain. Time to rethink life.  Now I balance a busy home life with running a successful international business. 

Being a constant observer of life, coupled with a life-long love affair with business, marketing & colour led me to develop this transformational Shy to Shining 7 step personal coaching program.  

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