If you have knowledge to share, you can totally...

  • get known as the go-to expert in your niche who leads with value, so your audience know, love and trust you.
  • package your expertise to scale in a way that attracts new clients everyday and wins you speaking opportunities
  • create amazing, high value online training and coaching packages that free up your time and increase your income
Sparkle Frameworks®  with icons showing the 5 key elements of Value, Valid, Visual, Vocal, Vehicle

And it all starts by being super-clear on your offers  

Authority Brands revolve around their signature solution - their Sparkle Framework®


What's a framework?

A framework is a skeletal outline connecting ideas together.

The diagram below is a simple framework based on the Venn Diagram.

Frameworks allow for boundaries and minimising distraction.

They help us become solid in how our work "works".

Defined well, they are a game-changer.

"When Susanna says Sparkle, she does mean it!"

If you write many words - frameworks will help you be more concise and draw your audience in faster to work with you as they communicate your value fast

Read what RACHEL had to say

"Are you trying to communicate a system or a process?

You might be working on a keynote presentation or a brochure or a sales page, and you've got something which you need to communicate that's important to how you work, how you take people from A to B, the results that you get.

And you're looking at it and thinking, I'm sure there must be an easier way of showing people this.

I'm Rachel Extance, and I help SMEs with their business writing skills. And one of the things about writing is knowing what to include and what not to include. And every now and again, you have something that you are looking at and thinking, if I write all of this out, it's gonna take me ages, or they're gonna have to put a video in here because nobody's gonna sit and look at this block of text.

And then Susanna Reay introduced me to her brilliant Sparkle Frameworks. 

They are such a great way of sharing complex information or helping people to see at a glance where they are in a process. It might be that they are at the beginning of a journey, or it might be that you are trying to show whereabouts in your process they are. So they can say, right, I'm here and I need to get to here.

And these frameworks are really beautiful visual images. When Susanna says Sparkle, she does mean it!

They capture complex information and just make it really easy for you to look at and say, oh, this goes there, or right, I'm this bit and I'm gonna go up to it. Or I'm in this quadrant and I want to be in that quadrant, or whatever it is. So I've used a couple of these in my business so far.

I've used them on sales pages and I've used them on blog posts. I'm going to be using them in talks as well.

If you are looking for a way to just add a lovely, vibrant image, which also communicates the value that you provide to your clients, then do get in touch with Susanna Reay and ask her about her Sparkle Frameworks.

~ Rachel Extance, Business Writing Skills Trainer

About Susanna's Sparkle Frameworks®

A Sparkle Framework® is an essential visual structure that not only shows the unique value proposition of the creator but also presents a transition or journey in an eye-catching and memorable way. They weave in 5 core elements to achieve deep connection with your audience. ~ Susanna Reay

SPARK to Scale PROFIT Pyramid3d

1. Sparkle Frameworks® embed VALUES

Sparkle Frameworks® not only show the unique value proposition of the creator but also present a transition or journey, showing along the way the core values that a business holds.

2. Sparkle Frameworks® are VALID

Sparkle Frameworks® are based on a trusted, proven system that has clients raving about the transformations, revelations and epiphanies they receive. As they build trust, credibility and authority which in turn enables you to take your business to the next level and show up as the expert you are.

"Having worked with hundreds of clients over the last decade, I've seen that the catalyst for their business growth, the ignition point, came about as a result of developing their own specific, bespoke framework that gave focus and clarity to fuel every action taken afterwards."

~ Susanna Reay

Sparkle Frameworks® with icons showing the 5 key elements of Value, Valid, Visual, Vocal, Vehicle

3. Sparkle Frameworks® are VISUAL

They are a stylised visual diagram that reflect your business brand in an eye-catching and memorable way. Deceptively simple and viewable at a glance.

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4. Sparkle Frameworks® are VOCAL

Sparkle Frameworks® are designed to be shared one element at a time, to weave a story and draw your audience in. They are designed for clarity, connection and engagement. 

5. Sparkle Frameworks® 

display your VEHICLE

Sparkle Frameworks® connect to your business vehicle - how you deliver your services. For example; your online programmes, your coaching packages, your membership offers, your book, your thought-leadership concepts and mind models.

SPARK wheel by Susanna Reay

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Sparkle Framework® Starter Kit

Susanna's unique and powerful Sparkle Frameworks® can make an instant impact in your business. This self-led training is available with the option to get personal feedback on your initial Sparkle Frameworks for your business. Includes 24 Canva templates to get you designing fast. 

Client: My framework became my book!

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Read what Kerri had to say

"I just finished a session with Susanna Reay. Oh, my goodness. So valuable.

So this may not make a lot of sense to you. Check it out. It makes a tonne of sense to me. And I'm going to be prettifying this, on some website tools that Susanna and I talked about.

But really, if you were thinking about all the brilliant ideas you have and knowing that they sort of know need to be put in some cohesive manner so that you can

pitch it to your clients and explain the journey you're going to take them on, that's called a framework.

And Susanna Reay is a game changer.

I have a PhD, I know theoretical frameworks. I've written on this stuff. But I was stuck when it came to my business on how to sort of take these really great ideas and put them in a cohesive visual as well as sort of a logical manner to put people through what I'm going to offer them and what I offer.

And so now I'm leaving just one session with Susanna, feeling like I'm more empowered to pitch what I can do for clients. It's logical, it's cohesive, and I really think it is capturing sort of the talent and the service that I bring to the world.

So do it. It's going to be worth it, and you're going to feel inspired and lighter like I do right now. So thanks so much Susanna, your Sparkle Framework are the bomb!"

~ Kerri Burchill PhD Leadership Trainer (January 2023)

Leading out of the Askhole™ Trap Framework by Kerri Burchill

Kerri had started presenting keynotes, but she knew her presentation was missing something, she just didn't know what.

Together we developed her signature framework that brought all her ideas together.

She now shares this confidently in keynotes and, one year on from our session Kerri has published her book 'Leading out of the ASKhole™ Trap' that walks you through the very framework she is holding up on the whiteboard.

I'd love to connect!

Susanna Reay at desk with laptop

If you are looking for friendly and fun support to build your authority brand with bespoke frameworks that are designed specifically to call out to your people, then reach out and we can discuss what working together could look like. 

I promise to guide you forwards with clarity and focus so that you can confidently grow your business to have the impact you dream of.

Is it time to define your signature solution framework?

" I've never met anyone like Susanna before, who looks at the whole package and how it can be pulled together into a cohesive strategy"

Annie Hall, Owner of Phase Two Design